SD card streaming confirmed for Rock Band 2

With Guitar Hero World Tour’s undying promise for downloadable content it’s no surprise Rock Band 2 wants a piece of the pie. The big question to Harmonix since their announcement has been a solution to song storage. MTV Multiplayer has the info”¦

“Rock Band 2? does read 100% from the SD card, but it doesn’t appear Nintendo will be allowing for games to be executed off the card just yet.

Motown asked”¦” I’ve always wanted to know how they’d fit all that DLC content on the Wii’s 512MB of flash memory? Would you have to add an SD card to download more than 17 songs?”

It’s unclear just how many songs would fit on a clean Wii’s system memory. That depends on what song you are downloading. The longer the song, the more memory it’s going to take up. But it’s safe to say there won’t be much space for users who are also taking advantage of Virtual Console and WiiWare. An SD card will probably be a must for “Rock Band 2? Wii owners who want more than disc music. So, yes, you’ll likely have to have an SD card.

Sounds like streaming DLC on the Wii version of Rock Band 2 is at a halt until Nintendo releases that much needed firmware patch for SD streaming.