Rumor: Retro Studios developing a new Donkey Kong game?

Retro Studios, famous for their marvelous work on the Metroid Prime trilogy, is rumored to be working on an upcoming Donkey Kong project for the Wii.

Retro Studios’ last released project was the Wii compilation Metroid Prime Trilogy and the last we spoke with them, the team was deep into its next project. “I think you’ll be very excited when you find out what we’re working on,” the team told us last year without saying another word.

For the sake of the franchise, I hope this rumor is true. The Donkey Kong series has remained severely stagnant, and hasn’t seen a quality release since Donkey Kong 64 in 1999. I am certain that Retro Studios would have the creativity to make a new game that rivals Rare’s Donkey Kong Country series.

via IGN art by Orioto?