Rumor: Next DS redesign details leaked?


Several big-name Japanese newspapers are dishing out details on Nintendo’s next redesign for the DS. Imported newspaper scans translated by NeoGAF lay it all on the table.

– Camera included
– Digital music playback feature
– Wireless connection function power up
-Allows users to wirelessly connect to “information terminals”
– Larger screen
– Will be released in Japan this year/ U.S. release is “being considered”
– Priced under 20000 Yen ($188 U.S dollars)
– New games can use camera
– Can transfer data from the Wii, or SD card.

Could this be what the upcoming Nintendo conference is all about, or are these Japanese news outlets blowing hot air again? Personally these details just don’t make sense. Wouldn’t larger screens stretch the old DS games to an ugly resolution? Another element that doesn’t seem to add up is the inclusion of a camera, and music player when majority of people already own both. What really kills this rumor is added SD card support which opens the door even wider for piracy.

You can take it, or leave it, but one thing is for sure…I smell some megatons approaching.


  1. I just want a NEW DS in the next year or so.
    The original is amazing, I like it more than I like my Wii.
    So, a new DS…DS2 would be insane.

    I dont need another version of the already great DS , thanks.

  2. Larger screens wouldn’t stretch the resolution. They’d just have black borders like the GBA games do on the DS. (Duh.)

    I think the added music player/camera makes it even more believable, to be honest. Sure everybody has one, but how many people do you know (of) that have more than one? Lots. And people sure do love integrated media devices. It looks like an appeal to the mainstream without going overboard.

    I do agree about the SD card integration providing more options for piracy, but then again Nintendo put an SD slot in the Wii. I dunno.

    All I know is, if this is true I want it. I’ve been waiting and trying my hardest not to buy a DS Lite in hopes of another redesign and I’ll be damned if I’ve done that all in vain.

  3. I second Neko’s comments about music player/camera functionality. The camera’s been toyed with before, on both the GBA and the PSP. Most famously, camera features were integrated into the most ubiquitous handheld device, the cellular phone. Naysayers (myself included) didn’t think it was necessary, since people already had cameras. Yet now they come almost standard. They same thing is slowly happening to mp3 playback.

  4. They just need to implement some better graphics, and maybe get a larger screen in there imo.

  5. A built-in camera?

    That’s awesome! I, for one, LOVED the Game Boy Camera.

  6. All I smell is BS or at least misleading info being spread.

    The camera is what makes me doubt this’ll be a redesign as Nintendo doesn’t add features to hardware that will invalidate the existing ones. If anything, this would be the DS2 or whatever they want to call it, and even then I think dual touch-screens would make more sense to be part of the new features.

    Nintendo’s obviously been working on what’s next for quite a while, but seeing as how the DS hasn’t stopped being the behemoth that it is… it makes NO sense to cut its killing spree short.

    Being able to use SD is certainly tempting but not sure Nintendo will go that way because of piracy. Either way, I’m going to say nothanks to all of this (but will be gladly surprised if any of this goes through.)

  7. I’m going with Liraco. The DS hasn’t slowed down. Nintendo would be losing money that the might make on the original by selling a new version. Could there be a new DS on the horizon? Yes. I think it’s highly unlikely though.

  8. All of this is MO for Nintendo of Japan in general; but the part that makes the rumor a good one is the part which is that games will be built around the camera. Although the music playback makes it sound a little fishy unless it has something to do with building games around it of course.

    I suspect Nintendo of Japan is going to announce the new DS refresh next week and that would tell me that they are truly unhappy with the current DS situation on Japan. Which probably means that DS’s recent surge in sales after RH Gold, Pokemon Platinum and FE was not good enough for them. The next question would be: Will this system reach American shores? Malstrom sezs that it might not happen since DS’s sales are healthy in the Americas. While I would agree that the refresh will not happen this year and for at least the first nine months of next year; but I think it will come out in North America simply because DS’s sales in the Americas might be healthy; but is Iwata really sastified with the sales in the Amercias? I don’t believe he is. It’s selling; but not selling out at the awesome rate that Wii is at this point.

  9. I neither believe this or want it to be true.

    The current DS is already selling well, so it would make no sense to make it obsolete by bringing out a new model. Nintendo isn’t in the habit of prematurely killing off technology a la Microsoft with the original XBox.

    Also, the DS already has a camera – it came with the Face Training game that came out last year. There’s nothing stopping Nintendo from shipping that with any games that need camera support, so there’s no point to bring out a completely revised DS for just that.

    And lastly, why does anyone need mp3 support on a handheld games device? Nintendo has never been into all this superfluous multimedia nonsense and I can’t see that changing any time soon. Why copy the features of less successful competitors? Doesn’t make sense…

  10. I could see Nintendo giving the next DS SD card support so that they can launch the Virtual Gameboy program on the Wii Shop Channel, or direct to system if that’s the case and all that.

    But just like how you could play the old GB games on a GBA you could leave the original aspect ration or stretch it to full screen would be how the DS 2 would work. But I don’t see a need for a camera to be put in there, nor is there a need for an MP3 player built in. THat’s what the iPhone is for.

  11. I think this rumour is false due to the selling sucess of the current DS and we haven’t even seen any Wii – DS games and capabilities yet.

    Features that I do want for a new DS would be:
    * Mii Support (and games that support them)
    * Maybe a channel interface (like the Wii)
    * Built in rumble and motion sensors
    * Multi touch

    And the rumour better be false because I just bought a new one yesterday (my previous DS Lite took a swim during a boat trip).

  12. I always loved the idea of having flash card support and an online store, where you can buy and download games. Much like those cards that allow playing pirated games, but a legal version. You could carry your entire ds game collection with you everytime, everywhere. And you always could get those old/hard to find games on the online store.

    I know, it won’t happen, but I can dream…

  13. The old DS isn’t really slowing down but hey this could be a new experiment. Who knows?

    This new DS sounds more like a storage solution to me. It has music play back and it connects with terminals and the Wii. Wireless connection function power up so say if you wanted to get some thing off a terminal it would boot up like a router and go to that terminal to get your data which could be a PC.

    The new DS would solve the storage problem on the Wii by using existing technologies and simple windows networking but use the new DS to add this functionality. Wireless standard are a lot faster than what the Wii and the DS currently have last time I checked. For $188 that’s not a bad upgrade to me if it had such things. It would be pretty easy and you could use the hard drives that you already own which would be smart of nintendo rather than having us pay for some thing that is going to go down in price on the open market with in a few months.

    Yet the camera being included could be for facial gesture or controlling stuff with your eyes LOL. That would be freaky but very immersive.
    Another would be just plain old depth or z cameras but that would mean you would have to have more room to play may be. This type of system would seem to be a drastic increase in tech compared to the DS though.

    Suddenly the DS would be on par and totally past the PSP tech wise making it a more tech savy portable. They could even provide support for 8 gig SD card and maybe even multiple cards so you could have 16 gigs on one system. I almost bought an iphone just for the storage so I could show off and trade 3d files and videos with team members. If Iphone really wants to trump every one make a 3d studio max for it so I can model while drinking coffee with out my laptop.

  14. For everyone saying Nintendo would be shooting themselves in the foot for introducing a new system so soon, you’re crazy. Sure, they wouldn’t make as much money on the DS Lite, but they would more than make up for it with the new model, especially since they would be charging more/unit for it. The new model will sell as well as the other DSes, maybe even better, if the added Wii – DS functionality is true. There’s no way Nintendo could lose money from this.

    A new DS releasing soon makes even more sense when you look at Nintendo’s usual hand-held release dates. They’ve put out a new handheld (revision) every two to three years ever since the Game Boy Pocket. It’s been about 2&1/2 years since the DS Lite was released, so a new version is no surprise.

  15. neko – i agree. The fact that they’re making money on the DS Lite does in now way mean they wouldn’t release a refresh design. That assumption reflects a very elementary-business model. There are so many variables that go into these decisions from a company that is well-beyond a mom and pop store. Tthey did introduced a GBA SP when the GBA was selling well, and they released a GBA Micro when the GBA SP was selling well. I doubt they ate any money on any of those releases.

  16. none of those features seems to make me think the games could get any better.

  17. What Ady wrote.

  18. The way I see it; if this model is not the next-gen (ala DS 2) and/or does not have a feature that I can play my Virtual Console games on it: no deal. I still own the regular DS (buying a DS Lite just for cosmetic differences is real retarded IMO), and I am quite fine with that.

  19. I’m calling BS on this “news”…

    @ neko to kuruma: you are forgetting the development costs! A new design will probably sell just as good as the old one (no handheld could sell better, really!), but if you deduct the huge development cost of a new model, Nintendo would be in fact losing money!

    I don’t see any advantage in a bigger screen, being that one of the big draws of the DS Lite is its size, and a bigger screen would make the handheld bigger. Better to have higher resolution, but what would be the point of that?

    As for camera, MP3 playback, rumble, etc.: all of those features could be added via the GBA slot, at a much lower price for both the consumer and Nintendo’s development team.

  20. A camera is nothing incredibly expensive to implement. That’s why they sell miniature digital ones–crappy ones, sure, but cameras all the same–for around 10 bucks. An mp3 player wouldn’t cost that much to develop either. I don’t see how Nintendo could lost money on something that would cost around what a PSP goes for, considering Nintendo won’t likely ramp up the hardware specs all that much.

  21. man… I’m gonna have to walmart another ds? I already walmarted my ds big to a ds lite…

  22. hi there yeah transfer from wii wii has youtube soo yeah finnaly youtube on the new ds system