Rock Band Wii will not support Online play/DLC


Rock Band Wii Drums Soon after today’s press release, Kotaku shot Harmonix an email concerning the fate of left out details, including possible online play. Soon after, Harmonix/EA responded with a very saddening statement to Wii owners…

Regarding downloadable content: During Rock Band for the Wii development Harmonix focused on making the core gameplay experience as solid and enjoyable as possible while tailoring it specifically to the strengths of the platform. The Wii version still contains the robust four-player band experience and all the fun at the core of other versions of Rock Band. However, because the Wii’s online capabilities and potential have yet to be fully realized, we wanted to wait before we explored online functionality for Rock Band to ensure that players get the high-quality of online performance they’ve come to expect.

That’s basically a big fat, NO. No downloadable content for other Wii titles might not be such a big deal, but Rock Band thrives off of fresh tracks and a constant flow of new content. Lack of DLC and basic online play makes the $169.99 price tag pretty hard to swallow. Joystiq’s EA pestering gave us a few more details including…

– DPL II, 480p
– Ships with USB hub
– Instruments don’t need to be connected to Wii Remotes
– (5) Bonus songs will be announced at a later date
– No character creation
– No Mii support
– No support for GHIII guitar

I might be over reacting a bit, but this just seems like a slap in the face. When will the crappy ports stop? Note to devs: We’re not stupid. We can see what 360/PS3 owners have and we like.

On the bright side of things, at least we get some clean, white drums!!! sigh…