Reggie avoids giving Zelda Wii a 2010 release


This week’s episode of GameTrailers TV was all about Nintendo’s upcoming software lineup. While confirming a 2010 release for Metroid other M, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wouldn’t budge on Zelda Wii launch dates.

“We haven’t committed to Zelda in 2010…We’ll have to see how that continues to develop.”

Not a surprising statement to hear considering we’re talking about a full scale Zelda title. Miyamoto continues to confirm motion plus support later in the episode.

2011 looks to be the year of Zelda.



  1. Seems like the new Zelda is going to be like Twilight Princess: wrapping up the console and leading into the next one. Hopefully we don’t see it on both Wii and Wii 2.

  2. Yes that is true. Patience is everything with nintendo

  3. He actually dodged a lot of questions in that episode.

  4. Could be 2011, could be 2010, could be 2015 for all we know. I don’t think there’s much reason to believe Nintendo pr speak when it comes to things like this.

  5. I wouldn’t expect a new Zelda in 2010 because of two reasons:

    We have a new Zelda coming out at the end of this year in the form of Spirit Tracks.


    2010 holds both a new Mario game and a new Metroid game, so Nintendo won’t have to sweat thinking of how to make 2011 exciting; all they need to do is wait until then to release the new Zelda as that year’s tent-pole title. Plus, they wouldn’t want to crowd 2010 with three big titles.

    Of course, if Zelda does come out next year, that would be great. But I’m not complaining if we have to wait a little longer than preferred. After all, I’m a Nintendo fan. I’m used to it. ;D

  6. Well, all good things to those who wait, I guess? I wont be holding my breath when there are so many other titles coming out on multiple systems.

    But really, its very disappointing to learn that the FIRST Zelda game actually built for the Wii will be coming out in 2011? Its amazing how fanboys conveniently forget that the last , and only Zelda title for the Wii was actually a delayed game cube title. We haven’t had a Zelda game made for the Wii, only a port of a last gen title, really.

  7. Zelda is being delayed so that it can launch on day one with WiiHD. Iwata has already dropped a hint when he said that nintendo is preparing amazing visuals for the game. Also, it makes sense that Nintendo would deny the existence of wii hd, because nobody would buy a wii this holiday season if they new that a new console was just around the corner. Nintendo has obviously been working on a new console since before wii launched. See you guys day one of the wii hd launch with my copy of zelda!

  8. Iwata would like a word with you.