Red Steel 2 with MotionPlus support confirmed

During an important conference call yesterday Ubisoft accidently let slip that Red Steel 2 is currently deep in development for a release before March 2010. While announcing the return of franchises for the new fiscal year Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot stumbled upon the return of a MotionPlus controlled Red Steel 2.

Talks of a sequel to the Wii FPS launch title have been floating around since E3 2007, but we have yet to have an “official” confirmation. However, today’s slip up pretty much sets a sequel in stone. I can’t wait to see a 1:1 control interface for both the gunplay and sword dueling. Here’s to online play!

Minus the poor control scheme, I found the original Red Steel to be quite a blast. It was a Wii FPS built from the ground up that was actually aimed at an older crowd. Pick it up if you haven’t yet done so. You can’t beat a used game for $10 bucks.