Rant – Wii Balance Board support…wha?

Just a quick thought that I ignited earlier today…Where the snap are the Wii Balance Board titles?! Let me rephrase that…Where the snap are the GOOD Wii Balance Board titles? As we approach the feet-laden peripheral’s one year anniversary (May) you might begin to wonder, like I did, why we haven’t seen all that strong developer support “promised” by Nintendo. Sure, you have your top-tier Wii Fit, Raving Rabbids, Skate It, and the likes, but did these really uphold the ninety buck-a-roos you slapped down for this digital weight scale? I begin to worry the big N might of gotten a little ahead of itself when releasing white plastic accessories. But all is forgotten when you see the sales top a whopping 16.3 million copies sold worldwide.

These ideas were spawned from an article I read this morning that questions whether or not Nintendo’s upcoming Wii MotionPlus will steal the balance board’s thunder.

Will it? Should it? Do you even give a care? Comment!