Rant – Wii Balance Board support…wha?


Just a quick thought that I ignited earlier today…Where the snap are the Wii Balance Board titles?! Let me rephrase that…Where the snap are the GOOD Wii Balance Board titles? As we approach the feet-laden peripheral’s one year anniversary (May) you might begin to wonder, like I did, why we haven’t seen all that strong developer support “promised” by Nintendo. Sure, you have your top-tier Wii Fit, Raving Rabbids, Skate It, and the likes, but did these really uphold the ninety buck-a-roos you slapped down for this digital weight scale? I begin to worry the big N might of gotten a little ahead of itself when releasing white plastic accessories. But all is forgotten when you see the sales top a whopping 16.3 million copies sold worldwide.

These ideas were spawned from an article I read this morning that questions whether or not Nintendo’s upcoming Wii MotionPlus will steal the balance board’s thunder.

Will it? Should it? Do you even give a care? Comment!


  1. hahahahahaha

    sry jake. if you’re complaining, you’re not nintendo’s target audience. least not with this thing.

  2. Nice logical fallacy there, deepthought. Anyone with a complaint or critical observation of a Nintendo product “isn’t the target audience” and thus their message is nullified. That little chestnut has been trotted out so many times, the horse is in microscopic pieces. The fact that you’re basing your opinion on the assumption of what Nintendo’s target audience is without actually knowing is bad enough, but coupled with Nintendo’s promise of developer support, you’d think their target audience would be everyone with a Wii.

  3. Yeah Nintendo kinda dropped the ball. We Ski and Snowboard looks to be a solid balance board title.

    The problem with Balance Board titles (as in Skate it and Snowboard Riot’s cases, for example) is that they usually dont (or cant) offer a purely balance-controlled experience. Too many titles offer a balance board option that is so inferior to the regular control option that no one dares to touch it. Do developers think not enough people own balance boards? Wii Fit is still destroying sales charts! I’m sure there are enough!

    Developers just need to pony up and develop some Balance-exclusive titles. I think the Wiiware service is the PERFECT palce to do this! Create a low-risk balance-based game and if its a hit then expand it into a retail game! Hopefully we’ll see some more support in future titles.
    It has loads of potential even just as a small complimentary tool to enhance a traditional experience (foot pedal for a Time Crisis or racing game for instance). I think that proper BB use is coming, devs are just a bit scared.

  4. Let’s hope Punch Out!! uses it, as well as Wii Sports Resort. That would be two titles Nintendo could easily have support with it.

    Then there is Kornicipa (SP?) by Hudson. Snow White is supposed to be good. There are games out there that use it, so it’s not like developers are ignoring it.

    There is only so much you can do with it, but some developers are trying.

  5. @ Richter

    dude- i like jake’s point.

    message nullified? logical fallacies? cats and dogs, living together? mass hysteria?


  6. I think that the Wii-MotionPlus and the balance board are gonna make a cute couple, they maid take over the World is Developers have the balls…

  7. Shaun White is probably the best Balance Board title i’ve seen – most others i’ve tried have been unimpressive or clunky at best. We Ski support was underwhelming, Skate it seemed too complicated, Tetris Party was… interesting, but only a little extra.. It needs to be treated like the powerpad – games made JUST for the balance board -not regular games with BB controls tacked on. It’s the same problem a lot of developers have with basic wii motion controls, when they use motion to replace a simple button press rather than using the technology to it’s full extent. I could go on for pages on this topic, but I not today. It’s frustrating though.

  8. And this is exactly why I haven’t yet bought one, I just don’t have faith those titles will come (just as I don’t have faith DSiWare will be well supported).

  9. I’m actually not interested in Balance Board support. I’m not into the peripheral at all.

  10. I bought Wii Fit figuring we’d see 1080 Wii this Winter. I wanted to get Wii Fit at launch mainly to get used to the balance board so I’d be more familiar when 1080 was released. I did start to enjoy Wii Fit though, the more I used the device. I think today I’m satisfied with my purchase even if Wii Fit is the only Nintendo game to have balance board support. I paid $90 for Guitar Hero 2 and I wasn’t still playing that game 6-8 months later.

    I’m still hoping for 1080, although We Ski & Snowboard looks really good (and it supports the balance board). I think it’d be cool to see a PilotWings game support the balance board or even a Waverace style game. In Waverace, I think it’d be cool to have the balance board used for which way you were leaning and maybe use Wii Motion Plus for steering.

  11. I think it a bit premature to get too worried about this. I would rather there be a small amount of games which use it sensibly rather than shoehorning it onto games that make no sense. Snowboarding ok use it, FPS, do not use. I was hoping that this year’s Tiger Woods would use it along with Motion Plus, that would be a lot of data on my swing to give me an awesome experience. And before anyone says why don’t you really golf, I do, but I can’t afford to play all the courses on the PGA tour. I think there is life left in the board, but it will not see as much development as the motion plus.

  12. geeze- joystiq just reported that dead space wont use motion plus. guess you don’t have to worry about that game stealing the wiibored’s thunder.

    first it’s on rails, now no motion plus. maybe next they’ll announce it will be cartridge based just to prove they’re developing for the wrong decade.

  13. i think for a lot of people this fulfilled the $90 price point. there are plenty of people who only use it for wii fit, enjoy it everyday, and are content (like my wife). so from that point of view i think many people are happy, but if you meant did the big n get ahead of themselves with promises well then yes. others will want more from it besides wii fit and expected such (like me). i thought that it would have plenty of cool snowboarding or skating games, winter olympics, surfing, etc. if punch out has balance board support i would be pleased, but its only a start. it’s only been a year so i’ll keep my fingers crossed that this doesn’t become the next power glove.

  14. Funny dt.

    I’m not surprised in the least, let’s face it when it comes to Nintendo and accessories they’ve not had a good track record of having 3rd parties supporting them, over even themselves for that matter. The original Zapper is about the last one I remember that got decent support, after that it’s the same story; a few initial games, scattered less than stellar ones, and poof it’s gone.

    The ROB the Robot, NES Power Pad, the SNES mouse, the Super Scope 6, the Nintendo systems have a pretty sizable pile of these things. Look at the Wii, when’s the last time you’ve played a game that really utilized the Wii Zapper, or any upcoming Wii Zapper games. Link’s Crossbow Training is STILL the best game to utilize it, and apparently it will stay that way. And the Wii Steering Wheel, outside of Mario Kart Wii, there’s not much use. Heck there wasn’t much use for it even for that game for me.

    I’m not surprised in the least that hardly anything has become of the Wii board nor does it appear it will for a while. If I had to put money on it, I’d bet nothing really that great comes of it past Wii Fit. It’s a pattern that keeps repeating. Nintendo seems really good at announcing these things and having an initial game (or glorified demo) that uses it really well and then having not much to follow. I mean I still feel the same way about the Wiimote period. Wii Sports is STILL IMHO the best use of the Wiimote, and the game that might take it’s place is its sequel.

  15. I agree with you!

  16. The Balance Board was designed to be used specifically with Wii Fit. Any other game that uses the Board is just a bonus since YOU BOUGHT THE BALANCE BOARD WITH WII FIT TO WORKOUT!

  17. I’m still bitter about buying the Super Scope 6. You can only shoot space moles so much before its gets stale.

    I have a feeling dropping balls through holes with my feet would end up the same way.

  18. From what I’ve heard, Wii Motion Plus will be only about $30 US dollars, right? So, yeah, you can bet your balance board that it is going to steal the board’s thunder!

    The only title you need for the Motion Plus to succeed, by the way, is the new Tiger Woods Golf title…

  19. Well…I would assume that since the MotionPlus is smaller, cheaper, and more practical in most- er, ALL scenarios, the Balance Board will tank if fat people quit playing Wii Fit, or if Nintendo’s new Zelda makes you sit on the Balance Board to ride Epona or something.

  20. ok so here’s a balance board game question-

    i just started learning snowboarding this winter. in that shaun white wii game, does it help to bend the board in turns, and can you catch your edge and eat snow like in real life? or do you just rock side to side?

  21. @ deepthought:

    Uh… Yeah?? I don’t think there is a margin of screwing up in the game as much as there is in reality, but… I am totally just thrown off ny you right now.