Preview – Call of Duty: World at War

CoD5Treyarch might have rushed the development of the so-so Call of Duty 3, but they’re not making the same mistake twice. With almost 2 years of development time Call of Duty World at War seems to be coming along nicely. Still no video, or screens for the Wii, or DS versions, but there’s always E3.

We’ve managed to compile all we know about CoD5 on both Nintendo platforms. Be sure to check out our preview. We know you’ll love what you read.


-The fifth installment of the Call of Duty franchise focuses on 2 major World War II campaign fronts: the war in the Pacific, and the Russian Eastern front. Like previous titles, Call of Duty World at War will have specialized story moments such as sniper missions (Russian sniper ambush on German troops), and manning gunships (Eliminating an entire Japanese fleet). Etc”¦

-Developed by “special” team inside Treyarch

-Development began soon after Call of Duty 3.

-Keeps close communication with infinity Ward.

-Wii version has the exact same story, and design elements as PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions.

-Working on making the Wii controls as fluid as possible.

-Supports Wii Zapper as an option to “satisfy the casual crowd”. Details unknown.

-Team working on creating a specialized camera for Wii version.

-Runs the award winning CoD4 engine smoothly on Wii.

-Treyarch believes the Wii hasn’t graphically been pushed to the limit. Thinks that CoD5 is the “best looking Wii game to date”.

-60fps single player

-30fps online multiplayer

-Flamethrower class returns for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

-Environments are now more destructible via enhanced CoD4 engine. Certain wood can now burn and paths can be made via flamethrower, or bullets.

-Vehicles make a return to the series including Tanks, Jeeps, half-tracks, etc”¦

-Treyarch is working hard to bring the same multiplayer experiences from CoD4 to all platforms.

-Vehicles are available online.

-There will be vehicle maps, infantry maps, and mix. A lot of work is being put into fine-tuning the balance between vehicles and troops.

-Perk system from CoD4 returns with “new features to fit the era”

-Multiplayer caps, and details for Wii version still unknown.

-Developed somewhere within Treyarch (specifics still unknown).

-Head developers realizes CoD4 for the DS was rushed and unfinished despite getting positive marks.

-Fixing the sluggish FPS touch screen controls.

-Adding more unique touch screen instances that go beyond defusing a bomb or picking a lock.

-Online multiplayer over WFC confirmed. (Details unknown)


Not to shabby Treyarch. Sounds like you know what you’re doing this time around. Call of Duty: World at War is set to launch before the end of fiscal 2009 (March 2009), but signs point to November 2008.