Online multiplayer and more confirmed for ‘The Conduit’

Nice!Details concerning the highly anticipated FPS, The Conduit continue to come in as E3 approaches next week. This time Chief Creative Officer, Eric Nofsinger gives us an update on the current game build, control scheme, and an exciting online multiplayer announcement.

Our current multiplayer benchmarks are 16 players and we will definitely have the standard modes like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. We are still exploring the possibilities and depending on how things go, we will have more. But we want to make certain that our online experience is solid and if that means sacrificing some other modes or features to do that, we will. We are choosing quality over quantity.

Other interviews continue to give the impression that High Voltage Software is working on increasing the multiplayer cap, and adding possible voice chat functionality. The IGN interview goes on to confirm a playable demo to be shown behind closed doors at E3 next week. Be sure to read the entire IGN interview and take a gander at some gorgeous screens along with a short in-game video.

The Conduit looks better and better each time I see it. What do you think?


  1. Wow! This is the game I have been waiting for. Its about time we start pumpin out he nice lookin hard core games. Mostly since all the bad games are comin out lately, I’m not going to say any names… cough cough Carnival Games cough cough

  2. Mmm… I really want to play it and see.
    I hope there’s no lag in online play and lack of good controls.

  3. They sure seem to be doing their homework, and then some. Hopefully, it’ll be a great game and the public will support it.
    TimeSplitters was a hidden gem in the Cube for me and my brother, and we got all our friends hooked. Maybe The Conduit will be “the one” for Wii.

  4. Conduit = JOY.

  5. Wow, I really hope they deliver..because all this hype could actually be a double edged sword…..I just hope this game is well worth it..^^

  6. I think I’ll buy this game at the very least to encourage other 3rd parties to get with the program.

  7. As long as smaller developers like High Voltage, Platinum Games and Grasshopper keep using the Wii to develop more mature action oriented games that are high quality and unique, we don’t even need the bigger companies tried and tired franchises anymore. The Wii is about doing something different and letting smaller developers get their name out there and it’s doing just that.

  8. love that they promote it without “we’re so hardcore! bigger badder and bloodier!”. just that makes me like them.

    agreed that this game looks better the more they show it… can they add a sky though? it’s like every outdoor section takes places in Beijing.

  9. i found some pics with a sky! but i haven’t seen them in the videos yet… are they going to be in the game?

  10. sweetness

  11. Definitely looking enticing. I hope the gameplay is just as impressive as the visuals. The art direction might not be as refined as Metroid Prime, but the graphics tech is looking fantastic.

  12. When this was first announced, I remember commenting about a lack of detail that made the screens look boorish, but it looks like it’s really coming together. It’s not Crysis, but it’s looking great. A little concerned about how well re-mapping wiiwaggles will go, though.

  13. Those screens are gorgeous. This is what I expected from Wii graphics from the beginning, and it is great to see a developer finally deliver.

  14. I just watched a clip on Youtube. The dialogue is soo cheesy!

    But the game-play looks good.

    This looks to be everything that Metroid Prime 3 wasn’t in the area of online multiplayer.

  15. WOW seriously impressed! Normal maps for the WIN. Just had every one still up drooling over that video! Man the Wii is about to get a lot sweeter!

  16. Looking fantastic!

    I wonder if they’ve thought of including multiple control configurations – the classic controller seems like it would work well for those that don’t like the waggle.

  17. ” The Conduit looks better and better each time I see it. What do you think? ”

    I think you are right

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