NRevolution Magazine shuts down, blames Nintendo


NRevolution, a Nintendo oriented UK game magazine, was rumored to be suspended. The magazine’s cancellation was confirmed today via MCV with a short statement from NRevolution’s managing director Daiman Butt.

“The decision to suspend N•Revolution has been taken because it has become increasingly obvious that Nintendo’s strategy for Wii and DS is no longer in line with Imagine Publishing’s target readership, and has moved increasingly away from the hardcore gaming community that is our specialty,”…

“With many new launches and especially acquisitions coming to fruition, we believe the resources and manpower are better spent in other markets where advertising revenue and PR support are stronger and sustained…”

After hearing this statement my fanboyish Nintendo defense system fired up to provide a reason for halting magazine publication other than blaming the problem on Nintendo. Thoughts of E3 swept away my anger towards NRevoution and gave Mr. Butt’s decision a logical sight.

The fact that internet blogs (yours truly) are overtaking sluggish magazine publications does give a large possibility for suspending subscriptions, but is that really the case? Nintendo-themed magazines had enough trouble getting through the Gamecube era with hardly a peep from PR and now publishers have to get by each month with 100+ pages of…Wii Music, Animal Crossing, and lame Genesis VC titles? Nothing against those games, but the lack of properly balanced games in the market is ridiculous. This alone could very well lead to poor content and subscription drops.

Whether you believe or not in labeling “core” titles, it’s obvious Nintendo’s market has lost equilibrium with the fanbase.

Rest in peace NRevolution. Prepare the coffin for Nintendo Power.