Nintendo Spotting: Creepy Mario illustration



Awesome and sickening at the same time.


  1. Not quite seeing the sickening part… a little strange, but hardly repulsive.

  2. this is mario if owned by microsoft or sony

  3. Yoshi looks pretty bad-ass.

    I do find it creepy that Mario and Luigi are in their 40’s and Peach is about 12.

  4. yeah, the age thing is a little creepy….that and the blood on the girls leg :S

  5. That looks nice! But I don’t know whats so sickening…I don’t think Peach is meant to be 12…@_@

  6. no link to source?

  7. Where was your sauce? 4chan? You find content like that there all the time. I love that “cartoon characters made real” style though. I don’t find it creepy in the slightest. If you wanna talk creepy, search Nintendo on deviant art — that’s a different story……Or worse, plug rule 34 into Google images…And prepare to lose your eyes.

  8. Talk about taking a dark side look at the Mario universe. Although the way they made Princess Peach look. I wish they hadn’t made her look so young like near 15 – 16 year old teenager. But the artwork looks pretty cool for something a little different.

  9. It looks great. Except their faces. Their faces scare me. 🙁

  10. please give us a link to the source, b/c this is awesome.

  11. Where did these design come from? What is your source?

  12. actually i really like it
    its about time nintendo made a serious mario game, something scary…

    I know they wont do it because it will ruin the brand of cartoony family mario, but damn would it be cool to have a disturbing mario game

  13. A game like this….I would play….even though it’s a laaarge departure from the classic Nintendo style.

  14. It’s kind of creepy… But it would be an interesting Mario to play if they did it…

  15. @king:
    Or at least a very graphic animated series. That would be sick.

    Man I love how he’s holding the fireball!
    And Yoshi’s boots are awesome! Too bad they bridled him up. 🙁

    I did some surfing and found this:
    I’m guessing this is the artist.

  16. I agree with says.I can see a Mario Gear Solid!

  17. Yeah, the age thing isn’t working for me, especially since Mario and Peach are suppost to have a relationsgip. I mean I know all you guys out there in your fourteis wanna be dating young chicks but come on, we know how that works out. This picture though definetely shows a different take on The World of Mario. So if that was your goal, well done. :]

  18. vcs sao gays hahahahahahaha