Nintendo Quote of the Week – September 9th


Falco: I think you look better in a tank.
Fox: Why don’t you come down here, Falco?
Falco: I’ll pass, Fox.

-Star Fox 64


    Slippy: Do a Barrel R-mmph!
    Falco: Head shot!

  2. that was an amazing game. i loved that tank level. and the ID4 type level. and the other levels…

  3. *Swoon* Star Fox 64 brings back so many wonderful memories. It’s one of those quintessential N64 games. Everything about it, from the fuzzy voices (one-liners for the win!), cool music and sound effects, simple but fun arcade-like gameplay, and colorful interface is what I look for in a classic game.

    How I miss you, N64 days. It ain’t what it used to be. *sigh*

  4. Best Line in the Series.

  5. Hey Einstein! I’m on your side!

  6. Slippy: Thanks Fox, I thought I was a goner.

    Andross: Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!

    Bill: Yeah, it’s working!

    General Pepper: Whhaaaaaaaaaaa?

    God this game is so great. Please make a true sequel to the game Nintendo. Please.

  7. The most quotable game of all time.

    -Did we get?
    Not yet, sir!

    -I got a present for ya!

    -If I go down, I’m taking you with me!

    -Who are you guys?!
    We’re Star Fox!

    -These guys are crazy!

    In fact, Area 6 alone is more quotable than most games in their entirety.

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