Nintendo Power teases once again

NP Wha?!Now I know what you’re thinking…”Just another pathetic hint for a let down game”. True. Within the last few months Nintendo Power hasn’t really been the top source for big reveals, but their latest issue (August 2008) looks to be hiding a good old fashioned fanboy megaton. The new issue which covers Mad World, Castlevania Judgment, Fire Emblem DS, etc. promises a big reveal for next months v232. As if the above image wasn’t enough the staff goes on to poke fans in the eye…

We’ll kick off the next 20 years of Nintendo Power with more big reveals including a top-secret cover story fit for a king. It’s got a lot of heart. Just kidding. It’s Mother 3. Just kidding. Please look forward to it.

Hmm. This is obviously one of Nintendo’s big E3 announcements, because we won’t be receiving issue 232 until the beginning of August, but it gives us a major clue as to what we might see. Several franchises spring to mind including Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Zelda, and others.

Get to guessing! Only a little more than a week away!