Nintendo holding autumn 2008 conference October 2nd?

Japanese media news site, Plala, has released info on an upcoming Nintendo conference in Japan…

(Note: Rough Translation)

[Nintendo] “Nintendo autumn 2008 conference” scheduled for October 2, 2006

[] Nintendo Wii “DISASTER DAY OF CRISIS (Disaster Day of Crisis)” September 25, 2006 release of a decision. Release from July 3, was postponed to undetermined. Rescue crews by the earthquake tsunami in the midst of an eruption of armed groups from the floods to save his sister. MONORISUSOFUTO development

Did anyone know about this event? I knew Nintendo normally holds a marketing conference for their stock holders each fall, but the promise of a Disaster Day of Crisis presentation makes this sound a bit more “hands on”. If only there was a public event during Q4 that Nintendo could attend in order to show off their software.

*cough* Tokyo Game Show*cough*October 9th-12th*cough*