Nintendo comments on Wii storage issue

harddrive225.jpgInfendo Reader, Marc did a little reconnaissance concerning the current state of Wii storage space. Normally questions of this sort are answered with Nintendo’s default, “We have not announced any such things at this time”, but lucky Marc must have caught Nintendo on a good day.

Hi Marc,

We appreciate your feedback regarding the Wii console. At this time, we haven’t heard of any plans to offer a way to expand the memory capabilities of the system. I will, however, be happy to pass along your e-mail to the appropriate department for further review.

If we announce plans in the future for an external storage device (such as a USB drive or an external hard drive), or a way to save to, or transfer data from, an SD Card, we’ll be sure to post this information to our website ( Be sure to check our site often for all the latest Nintendo news.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Nintendo of America Inc.

It’s still not a confirmation by any means, but it at least confirms that Nintendo is thinking about the subject. I don’t see an external hard drive coming, but support for flash drives, and external USB drives looks to be a strong (and easy) solution.

Thanks, Marc