Nintendo 1-Up over Mario Kart Wii cheaters

MKWiisadMario Kart Wii hasn’t been out in Europe and Japan for a week and cheaters are already taking advantage of various glitches spread though out the online modes. One of the most common and annoying glitchs right now deals with time trial track times. All the player has to do is race through 1 lap, stop, and the “time” cut scene rolls, giving players unbelievable lap times. These of course get ranked to the top of the charts, allowing users to download their ghost data. Unlike snaking in Mario Kart DS, this glitch is just plain cheap.

Yet the unthinkable has happened. Nintendo actually stepped in within hours of this discovery to prevent knowledge of the glitch from spreading. Not only did Nintendo terminate all online cheating records/accounts, but they seem to have patched the online portion of the glitch. Great job Nintendo of Europe and Japan! You’re finally starting to live up to your online gaming commitment. Now do you think NOA could get around to repairing Brawl online? 

Where you one of the cheaters?