Monster Hunter 3 to be released in Japan summer 2009

Capcom has stated that the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 3 (tri) will be arriving in Japan this upcoming summer 2009. Surprised? I thought so. The third title in the main Monster Hunter franchise was originally estimated to be released in Japan very late into 2009, or even early to mid 2010. Capcom obviously gave the MH team a good kick in the development pants to get the move on.

I can guarantee the current shrinking Japanese Wii sales numbers will not only bounce back, but dominate the Japanese video game market for the rest of the 09-10 fiscal year, if not the remainder of the Wii’s lifetime.

What does this mean for U.S. and Europe Wii owners? The Monster Hunter development team has expressed interest in bringing MH3 to other regions if Capcom sees the market ripe for localizing. There’s no doubt we’ll see the title, but just when? 2010?

*Crosses fingers* Here’s hoping for a unlikely Q4 2009 localization.