Miyamoto doesn’t know when to shut it

If you’ve been following Nintendo for the past decade you probably know that the company is very sneaky when giving interviews. You also know that Miyamoto has some trouble with that. Here are the five games that Miyamoto has accidentally spilled the beans on at E3 2008.

-Zelda Wii: Says that the title doesn’t exist, but the Zelda team which always works on the series is “hard at work”.

-Kid Icarus Wii: Again he pushes that Kid Icarus is not a game, nor is one being developed, but mentions that a Kid Icarus team exists.

-Pikmin 3: Shiggy says the game has not been announced, but why bring the subject up in the first place? Update: Miyamoto confirms Pikmin 3 minutes after this post.

-Punch-out!! Wii: When explaining the possibilities of the MotionPlus he uses Punch-Out as an example”¦”many possibilities such as a very accurate version of Punch-out that goes beyond what Wii sports boxing can do”¦”

-Mario DS: Reminds us that there are two AAA Mario teams. The Galaxy team in Tokyo, and the DS team at Kyoto HQ. Adds that the Mario DS team is also working hard. It might not mean anything, but again why bring it up?

I’m sure Shiggy’s news leaks are probably giving Reggie, and Iwata quite a struggle to cover loose ends. The real question is release dates. Just how long will we wait for these to reach us? Q4 2009 suddenly feels so far away.

One more day of E3 left. One last day to pry some more info out of Mr. Mushroom himself!