Mario Kart Wii sells 1.2 million in first week!

mkwii495.jpgThe unofficial totals for last weeks US software sales shave arrived via VGchartz. Mario Kart Wii has clocked in at an amazing 1.2 million copies sold which puts world wide sales at 3.4 million. Quite an accomplishment for a “bridge” title with an average review score of 8.0. Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto IV for the 360, and PS3 sold a staggering 3.6 million copies in its first week. Now that Mario Kart is out of the way, future game releases are unknown.


  1. I’m happy to say I’m one of the millions who are rocking their socks off to this game!

  2. Wow. That’s pretty damn impressive considering it:
    A) was hot off the heels of Smash Bros
    B) competing with a multi-platform release of GTAIV
    C) Didn’t get the glowing reviews of its predecessors

  3. Since Wii games cost less to produce, Nintendo has probably made as much of a profit off MK Wii, as GTA 4 has made for its developublishers.

    I’m bummed that there’s no way to play locally without the computer in the mix. This game is fun, but I would rate it in the 80s also, since they removed the key areas that I loved in previous Mario Karts, especially the DS version.

    I don’t see why Nintendo couldn’t offer a patch/update that would enable these missing play-modes, so I hope that they do so.

  4. nice. bite it forbes. way to misunderstand the divergence of the video game mkt. no one i know wh got gta wanted kart. and no one i know who drooled over kart wanted gta.

    oh noes! gta4 will ruin the wii!!! how naive.

  5. Forbes is an idiot.

  6. I’m even more impressed (and depressed) that Iron Man XB360 sold 74,000 copies ($4.3million) with an average critic score of 5. Why, oh why, do we put UP with this crap?

  7. It probably cost them 14.3 million to produce Iron Man the game. 🙂 Speaking of Iron Man, I really enjoyed the movie.

    I’ve only seen one commercial for Mario Kart Wii, where as I see on average about 3 GTA 4 commercials every night. Well, I hear them long enough to mute that annoying song, then I return to my work.

  8. off topic but dunno where to post this: the vg chartz site has a bunchof editorials saying that gta shows the rating system is broken. this has been such a popular thing on this site but i’ve got to go ahead and say, i don’t know anyone confused by the ratings as to what they should buy. i’m sure not. teleologically, i see them working. people are getting the information they need.

    all this ‘it’s broken’ conversation always seems to mean ‘i don’t want that game to get xyz score’. but who cares? everyone gets the information they need, whether or not gta4 got a 10 and kart got an 8.2. this says to me ‘it works’. oh, and that people should stop whining about scores.

    that said, jade empire should have gotten a 10 on ign. twighlight is ranked too high just cause it’s zelda. diablo should not beat ocarina is a best games of all time competition. perfect dark > goldeneye. and mario kart 64 is the best kart of them all.

    thanks for listening. plus i got to use ‘teleologically’ in a sentence. it’s a good day.

  9. I just want to say that I am having an absolute blast with this game.

  10. I’m currently playing both Mario Kart Wii and GTAIV. I always find myself returning to Mario Kart WIi.

  11. I didn’t buy GTA4 because it’s not my type of game, but I’m glad to see Mario Kart selling so well. I’ve had it since launch and I’ve been having a blast. It makes me remember my Mario Kart 64 days. Great game with a good variety of levels and simple and easy to pick up controls.

  12. @ Bii

    I’ve read somewhere that you can go into the options and remove the Computer players from local multiplayer manually. That may solve your dilemma.

  13. @deepthought this has been address in other places on the internet. Yet in away it is broken because the problem is the game industry is so new to this tech that it completely amazes them. For a long time LAIR was seen as amazing but factor 5 knew the same thing that epic knew. Gamers , console gamers have no idea what it really out there. Another point is most gamer just don’t care to keep up with all of the advances. As some one who has been looking at normal maps for years and VFXs for studio work and in game rendering I can see right by the hype. Even epic saw this as a problem while developing their own games. Game play was set up with primitives then they tried to make that fun. So really these games are getting perfect scores because a lot of the reviewers are not seeing past the effects and other things to see how this thing even plays. But you can not always blame them because to be a reviewer you need to be able to judge a game for separate types of players instead of just what you like. This is the problem I believe and is actually the reason why I’m turned off to lots of HD games.

    The media may have given them 10s but even I can see things that are lacking graphically and game play wise. Some of these things are technical yet some are game play related. A section should be made for hype in the review so that that can be pushed out of the way some times.

    Another reason why the system by be broken is the fact that GTA can and will be done by some one else also. Every thing that they used can be done by any one else. So if HBO decides to get into gaming then they have a studio to copy and the tools to possibly do that. I won’t tear the games or the developers accomplishments down but this is very impressive for rock star to pull off but this could have been done almost 6 years ago on the PC with a smart programmer.

    Also too the jump from PS2 to PS3 or xbox 360 is the reasoning behind this. We had a similar thing back in the day with the neo geo and the snes. The snes did good yet the systems after ward just did not push realism and effects far enough until 3d engine just did lots of stuff in real time. It’s like playing DKcountry and it’s the same yet in real 3d on the n64. Thats the type of jump we did. Yet as a PC gamer it’s easier to see past the hype and just see how it all plays out as a game.

    I think this is why the Wii is slammed so hard because so many gamers fall in love with the hype rather than the game. This is why you hear me speaking of my favorite games rather than just one system from a gen. Technically all of the games should have been on PC when you think about it.

    I think this is why the Wii’s most simplest games style are trashed because they don’t follow the same hype code of thought. They are some thing you experience. I mean you can go sking and take some really fast slopes are pay for a Diablo or some thing and rent time on a track. Both ways you can have fun. So i guess it’s about how people have fun. Seriously a fanboy is going to love graphics but that was usually tied to certain designs and art styles. Yet the problem is people are more in love with the power of their system than the games it seems. Gaming is functioning as some in between for the tech guy and the gamer. That by it self has a risk of being more of a fad than any thing because as tech goes on these same guys will loose their reason to play certain games. These guys are not good for gaming at all because those games that got tens will be look upon as trash as tech marches on. A good game is a good game is it not? It’s about getting that job done not advancing tech… thats nvidias and intels , etc job.

    /rant over

    WOW thats great MK did so well even though the reviews where not good. What is funny is if you give a game a fair review as if you really are a fan instead of being a arm chair director of the game then maybe they would actually listen to the reviewers. I, like many others have no problem with 1st place newbs getting crushed. It’s the really good guys that know the secrets to getting 1st and defending your self. What is funny is this just shows the hardcore are playing this game also just like brawl. They may not be on the internet but they are playing this game like many others. The whole bridge thing is cool and all but lots of these guys are hardcore.

  14. em, if i’m not mistaking, GTA IV sold 3.6m copies in it’s first day, not week. It sold 6m copies in it’s first week

  15. @Run line 10: I totally agree with your rant. I’m convinced people aren’t enjoying these new HD games. I own a 360 and I find myself buying games for graphics. I’ll play the game once and never want to play it again. The FPS games like CoD4, Halo 3, R6:Vegas all have a ranking system. The more you play, the higher your rank and the more upgrades you gain. I found myself playing to get a higher rank and not much more. I didn’t really enjoy the experience. I’d replay games in order to get all the achievement points.. again, it wasn’t for fun, but more of the need to complete the task.

    Games like WoW are popular and sell so well because we as humans are task oriented by nature. It feels good to get a new rank or find new weapons and armor. My friends are addicted to WoW and they aren’t having fun playing it. They even tell me it feels like work, but once they’re level 70 they’re going to take it easy. Then they sell their characters and start the process all over again. Gaming isn’t supposed to be about completing a series of chores. Look at the original games, Pong, Frogger, Pac Man, Super Mario and Tetris. These games had leaderboards, but they didn’t have RPG type leveling elements to them. People enjoyed these games and played them over and over again for what they were. I didn’t replay Super Mario over and over again to unlock the achievement “Beat the game without dying.” I played it because I had fun.

    Nintendo is still staying true to their roots. They didn’t put an emphasis on graphics, but focused on the gaming experience. The most fun I’ve had gaming recently has been playing Mario Kart Wii. It’s a simple game, that’s addictive and fun. I knew the visuals weren’t going to be amazing compared to the 360. However it’s a relaxing experience while still remaining competitive. I can unlock additional characters and work for a fast time, but I’m not required to. There isn’t a huge learning curve and I can toss someone a wheel and they can easily start playing. I can’t do the same with Halo 3…

    Also I’m sure Wii games cost a lot less to make compared to the blockbusters on other consoles. This allows Nintendo to take more risks with their games because they won’t go bankrupt if one particular game flops. If GTA4 failed Take Two would be out of business. All I can say is PS4 and Xbox 3 are going to have it tough because they’ve put the emphasis on game graphics. Next generation they’ll be forced to release new powerhouse consoles and release games that require even bigger budgets to design. If not the users will complain and their sales will suffer. Nintendo on the other hand took themselves out of the war Sony and Microsoft are fighting and marketed “fun.”

  16. @boomheadshot those type of numbers should have totally locked MK out of selling even close to what it did here in America along. Either these hardcore players over lap or they are actually two different sets. The last time a game did these number other games suffered a lot.

  17. @Craig hey thanks for reading that I’ll try to tighten up on the typos.

    Hey but that type of gaming is why no one cares about doom4 whcih is coming or either UT3. These are PC games and people played them hoping they would be as rich as some of the addicting skill based classics yet they are merely copy cats and some times it’s the fact that they are not copy cats which hurt them. I’m sure console gamers are welcoming the power yet the developers where tasked with fixing this problem a long time ago in a GDC. There was a big debate over the problems that have totally killed PC gaming but now HD console have replaced them. Just look at how people wanted to play gears of war yet did not even think twice about UT3 which is actually better. GOW2 is coming and it is almost as if UT3 never existed.

    This is why I bring up the old games so much. They had some thing PC games did not have and it’s present in the Wii even if the games and themes address every one. At some point it;s seems that those type of games from the past are not even capable of selling on the HD console. I know at least 2 2d games that I would get if I already had a PS3 or xbo360 yet no one talks about them and it’s almost because those games can be done on the Wii at lower resolution.

    The whole throw away thing with these games and the big spending is a problem and even though the SF guy from capcom says that the industry is heading for another crash he needs not direct this at nintendo. Their are plenty of developers using buckets of money and graphics to hide the fact that shonobi the arcade game had a better cover system. If you know this industry then you know the corp huge companies are the reason why you don’t get risky creative fun games.

    Yet those are the reasons why we play… we do like sweet art yet we want to have fun also and no I don’t want to have to sell my games for the next must have that has been hyped. This is the only reason I wasn’t a lapsed gamer. You will get burnt out unless you just find stuff YOU like and enjoy the party that hype provides yet decidie to find what you like and not worry about image.

    Another thing also is gaming has become more tribe based… if your friend are online then you have to play with them other wise you are not having fun. This is good and bad… I’ll talk about the bad… because if you love bomberman but it’s too kiddy then you will have a problem. But every one knows bomber man is crazy fun and very ruthless!

    So I guess become a gamer again and not a collector unless your going to keep your collection.

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