Mario Kart Wii released in U.S.

MKWIIUSFirst announced at E3 2007, Mario Kart Wii has finally been released in the US to serve as one of Nintendo’s “bridge” titles. Software availability is expected to be depleted throughout Sunday, but finding a copy before the end of the day shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. So far, Europe, and Japan have had silky smooth online play, but it is uncertain if this massive wave of US racers will cause a worldwide lagfest. Either way we now finally have a reason to eject that Brawl disk.

So be sure and grab a copy and join us this Thursday for our newly combined Brawl/Kart night, and get ready for big daddy Jake to win’em all! See you online!

Got your copy yet?

Update: Staff Friend codes

David Cole: 1891-1559-9201

Jake Brandon: 4811-7342-4473

9 Responses to Mario Kart Wii released in U.S.

  1. CL8on says:

    Kicks ass….have had mine in Australia for the past 5 days too…..USA getting the system last? –> that’s a first :p

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m in the USA, just got it at a midnight release. The first time i ever wanted it badly enough to go at midnight. The game is good. But man, i have to use the wavebird (gamecube) control for now. I get owned with any other control scheme as of now.

  3. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Wow… my wife & I will be tied up all day tomorrow, so we got some in tonight. LOTS of fun, definitely appealing to casual & hardcore gamers alike. LOVING the wheel, it’s very intuitive. I wouldn’t consider switching – it’s much more than a gimmick. I really like the attention to detail given to the wii wheel. Screws in back, blue circle, and has just the right amount of heft to feel substantial. We haven’t tried online yet, but so far this is an A+ title!

  4. razorkid says:

    Just got this game at midnight launch and as I’m typing its 3:51 am est and my gf is still playing online! This game is hot stuff! I too bought a second wheel to experience it in a new way and I like it alot.

    My girl and I first played each other in vs split screen, then we went onlne togetehr to play folks around the world. Connection times took no longer than 30sec and if you did have to wait for the next race you watched the one in which the oppents you are about to play are racing in. Smooth races, no hiccups, no d/c’s so far and I’m loving it.

    The fact that there are leaderboards, tangible points gained and loss online for every race you win/lose adds that extra competitiveness to it that makes you want to win back those 100 pts you lost in the last 2 races. I live in Massachusetts btw.

    Folks if you even THINK you like mario kart, you owe yourself much by getting this game.

  5. David says:

    My friend code: 1891-1559-9201

  6. SALTYB0B says:

    unlike me! here in the UK! iv’e had the game for 2 and a half weeks already! WOOP WOOP!

    unlocked everything, all, completeo!

  7. Rushli0n says:


    I noticed though, if you have exchanged Wii Console codes, you can swap MK codes without manually entering them in.

    Kinda handy if you have done this previously.

  8. InvisibleMan says:

    I would join you for Brawl, but no one here seems to have included me in their list… It’s so lonely out there!

    Wait… In Brawl, do you need to have both the Wii AND the Brawl Friend Codes in there??

  9. Rushli0n says:

    @ Invisible.

    Nope just the Brawl code will do.

    What’s your Brawl code? I’ll add you tomorrow. Mine’s 0087-1974-5101

    I can’t join on Thurs, but I play Tues night with some buds.

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