Mario Kart Wii released in U.S.

MKWIIUSFirst announced at E3 2007, Mario Kart Wii has finally been released in the US to serve as one of Nintendo’s “bridge” titles. Software availability is expected to be depleted throughout Sunday, but finding a copy before the end of the day shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. So far, Europe, and Japan have had silky smooth online play, but it is uncertain if this massive wave of US racers will cause a worldwide lagfest. Either way we now finally have a reason to eject that Brawl disk.

So be sure and grab a copy and join us this Thursday for our newly combined Brawl/Kart night, and get ready for big daddy Jake to win’em all! See you online!

Got your copy yet?

Update: Staff Friend codes

David Cole: 1891-1559-9201

Jake Brandon: 4811-7342-4473