Mario Kart Wii hits 6.7 million in just over three months

$$$When scanning through VGchartz’s top five worldwide selling games I wasn’t surprised to see Mario Kart Wii entrenched at the number four position. What really struck me were the whopping sales totals linked to the title. 6.7 million copies of Mario Kart Wii have been sold worldwide since April 2008. Nothing record breaking but just more proof that Nintendo titles have some serious legs.



  1. They’d sell even more if they re-stocked the stores once in a while!

  2. Wow.
    Very nice numbers.
    I love the game.

  3. +1 to neko.

    They’d be selling a lot more if people could ever find it. It’s one thing to be short on Wiis because they have all kinds of high tech parts and what not. But how hard is it to make enough freaking cheap plastic wheels. It’s ridiculous. Come on, Ninty. Just start giving the people what they want.

  4. I agree with you two; its really hard to imagine copies of this game ain’t nowhere in sight.

  5. I still haven’t played Mario Kart Wii :-X

  6. Gotten back into it recently… FINALLY unlocked mirror mode. I really like the game but it still makes me SO mad with all the rubberbanding sometimes.

  7. Yeah, we’ve only been getting shipments with MKWii every other week at the most. And usually we only get two copies in at a time. It’s completely ridiculous.

  8. The Wii Wheel works good with Excite Truck. I know it’s just plastic, but it’s plastic I can deal with. If only all the credit cards sent to me in the mail were as fun to play with.

  9. I love the rubber banding actually you can do some really evil things to the other racer and that’s not counting your actual racing skills. Mario kart is a battle racer and that is why I play it. I bet many online player wish they could rubber band some racers. It’s really easy to lap people online and some times you get all pros.

    The game is really good though. If your not playing it online you should hit your self.

  10. I FINALLY unlocked everything about a month ago.By the way,if anybody else heard that rumor that you could get the Mii Outfit C by getting 15,000VR online,stop trying.It doesn’t exist.