Konami announces ‘Rock Revolution’

rockrev495.jpgThis was a bit of a surprise to everyone today. Konami has revealed their version of a peripheral driven music rhythm game set to launch this fall for all major game platforms. Rock Revolution will support lead, and bass guitars, but the overall gameplay revolves around Konami’s new custom drum peripheral. The 6 padded Drum set is said to deliver an “…experience unlike any other.”

What makes this rhythm game unique when compared to Rock Band, or Guitar Hero? Two things: Wii remotes + Air drumming. Read on to check out the full press release, and trailer.


EL SEGUNDO, CA – May 15, 2008 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced Rock Revolution, an unprecedented, authentic music-based video game that will re-define the rhythm genre. Brought to market by the company that created the music video game category, with breakthrough titles such as DanceDanceRevolution®, Karaoke Revolution®, Beatmania and Guitar Freaks, Rock Revolution provides an unmatched rock experience. Breaking new ground with its definitive drum experience, Rock Revolution also gives players a chance to rock out on the bass and lead guitar. Designed by musicians, Rock Revolution will be available with the most realistic drum peripheral on the market at launch for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

“Rock Revolution will be the most innovative and realistic rock game to hit the market, that will provide a quality drum peripheral and music that players will appreciate,” said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “As the originator of music-based games, we are dedicated to bringing fans a truly preeminent music experience. With Rock Revolution, we put the emphasis on the drum kit, delivering an experience unlike any other.”

Rock Revolution features an extensive music selection on the game disc, along with a wide variety of downloadable songs available at launch for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 system versions of the game. Additionally, title offers a variety of innovative single-player and multi-player modes.

A unique aspect of the Wii version is the interactive use of the controls with the Wii Remoteâ„¢ and Nunchuk for an air-drum and air-guitar experience. Rock out anywhere with the Nintendo DS version, using the stylus for intense rhythm matching sessions.

Rock Revolution is scheduled to launch this Fall for the Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION 3 system and the Wiiâ„¢ and DSâ„¢ video game systems from Nintendo. For more information, please visit www.konami.com.


From the looks of things…I’m still going with Guitar Hero IV.

What will you be getting? Rock Band, Guitar Hero IV, or Rock Revolution?