Iwata assures we’re not even close to getting a Wii 2


Many analyst, market stalkers, and bored fans have placed several bets on just when Nintendo will roll out their next console (Wii 2). Some say 2010, while others believe 2011 looks good, but it’s obvious Nintendo will need a “reboot” when/if sales begin to droop. A recent interview with Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata reminds us that it’s Nintendo’s turn at world domination, and why update that?

“I don’t think any hardware can enjoy eternal life. Someday, we’ll need a new platform for sure, and of course, Nintendo is always preparing for that. However, now that our customer base has expanded this drastically, we do not think it’s appropriate to conclude that past platform lifecycle theory can or should be applied to the current generation.”

No kidding, right? Why change the recipe when it already tastes so good? The current Wii setup has a very good chance at lasting long into the next decade without economical harm to Nintendo. However, in the long run consumers might become a bit more aware of the cheaper, more appealing competition as the global economy continues to weaken.

One area that most certainly needs to be stepped up is in the current software offering. No, not third parties, but our favorite homegrown first party titles. Today’s pathetic list of 2009 software does little to slow Nintendo’s recent 12% stock drop. We could see that Wii 2 sooner than you think if Nintendo doesn’t whip out a trick from their sleeve.