Is this new generation of gamers killing what we built?


Are we a dying breed of original gamers? This question is always brought to my mind more often when I walk into a game retailer packed full with youngsters eyeing video games tucked away in hand-smudged, glass cases.

One of my most unsettling confrontations with this new generation happened just recently. As I stood in line to place a preorder on Guitar Hero World Tour, I overheard a young man (age 13-16) behind me brag excitedly about his first playthrough of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360. His exaggerated comments and know-it-all explanations was all it took to push me into a brief debate with the young lad…

Jake: “Haven’t you noticed the clunky, broken gameplay mechanics? Multiple reviews are just barely above average due to unresolved glitches, bugs, and poor level layout. My experience with the demo gave the impression of a poor beat’em up, platformer with no direction. Doesn’t the gameplay feel unfinished?

Young man: “Who cares about the gameplay…the graphics are awesome!”

I simply sighed and walked out the door.

Is this what’s destroying not only Nintendo’s core market, but the overall video game industry’s “original gamer”? We are always quick to blame the growing casual market for poor AAA title sales, yet the virus might simply be originating from our own kids.


  1. Nice post. I coach cross country and track for my old high school, so I have a bunch of teenagers to talk gaming with. The problem is a number of them just like this. They own a 360 because “the graphics are awesome.” Even when I point out to them I’m still playing Wii games I bought months ago when they play something for like 2 weeks and forget it, but it doesn’t always sink in.

    At least they all let me kick their butts in Smash. This generation is all about being shallow. Much like girls, pretty with no personality can only keep your attention so long.

  2. Dude are you talking down on girls? Umm naaa, you couldn’t be….Maybe I am just tired and paranoid, but is XC “warrior” – the high school gym teacher, kinda, in a remote and weird way, sounded like he were bitching about wild and hot teenage girls not able to keep his attention for so long?

  3. i feel that all the games i have played on my 360 are shallow.
    i think i see why Wii is hated on now,its because the games arent just the right amount of shallow,and arent just one color (brown or grey)

  4. I had the same experience when trying to talk my friend (2-3 years younger than me) into buying no more heroes. His response was:

    “Yea, but when you have killed in HD is just not the same anymore”

    refering to the way the game plays.

    He dissed off the game not because he didnt liked it, or because it was cel-shaded. But just because its not HD… That’s just sad!

  5. hahahahaha- this post makes me feel oooooooold. Darn Kids! Get off the lawn! Back in my day, we had 3 colors and we liked it. We had two buttons, uphill both ways! In the snow! Don’t you call me old or i’ll hit you with my walker!

  6. also, i really feel like wii isn’t the only console with non-shallow hit games. and that wii doesn’t have popular shallow games.

    it’s such a myth that wii is working in some other more sophisticated realm than other consoles.

  7. All my friends hate Nintendo. They hate Nintendo because Nintendo is all kiddie-games. And I’m NOT a kid – Goddammit!!! No I’m not. Nintendo’s games, regardless of wealth of content, polished gameplay, and brilliant design, are bad. They are bad because they are made by Nintendo, and Nintendo is all kiddie-games. Good games made by Nintendo, are bad.

    Xbox is not kiddie-games because it has lots of games with killing. Killing is good because if I kill people, it proves I’m not a kid. Not being a kid is good, because being a kid is embarrassing.

    Anything that is not kiddie-games is good. Horrible games on the Xbox aren’t kiddie-games, therefore they are good. Xbox games, regardless of however bad they may actually be, are good because Xbox isn’t embarrassing.

    Popular people are popular because they don’t act like kids. So, to avoid potential embarrassment, Ill will choose to believe that Nintendo is bad.

    Nintendo is bad because thinking that Nintendo is good would be embarrassing. Nintendo is Embarrassing, therefore their games are bad.

    ~ Regardless of what you believe, this is how many of today’s kids think.

    Think about the next logical step:

    Killing is good because Xbox has killing. Xbox is good, therefore killing is good.


    Kids these days are lame, mostly. This overwhelming superficiality goes deeper then videogames however, and is indicative of a growing problem becoming pandemic in children.

    Sociopaths are on the rise. The intense pressure to fit in, like whats cool to like, do whats cool to do, think whats cool to think – is creating a generation of un-thinkers.

    The human psyche is quite deft infact. It presses its own influence upon the mind – it convinces us to conform. This is a normal, natural process – but is made a thousand-fold more powerful by our lightning-fast culture of anonymous depravity and judgement. The mind knows the consequences non-conformity, and the pressure to marginalize deviant thought becomes overwhelming. The mind looks for a way to win, to protect itself from negative stimulus. It’s sad really… our children are becoming slaves to a media-driven pop culture that actually rewards people like Paris Hilton and other fucking idiots.

  8. @octorok: I’m not surprised by this simply because they are children; they will act on emotion and simply don’t know any better. I’m not worried about the kids doing this because I expect nothing less from them.

    To Jack: You should be worried when ADULTS act in the matter octorok is talking about since they are supposed to know better. When they start valuing games as merely Hollywood interactive movies (Didn’t we learn ANYTHING from the FMV debacle of the Sega CD and 3D0?); then this generation is in deep trouble. A Man Child is not a pretty sight to see.

  9. I agree with you, Jake. But I think there is a problem brewing in direct contrast that is just as dangerous. This “graphics don’t matter, nope, not one bit” nonsense is getting out of hand.

    The way Nintendo fanboys endlessly ridicule pretty graphics (unless, of course, it’s Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime) isn’t moving gaming forward, either. Great gameplay and great graphics are not mutually exclusive. A superb game in today’s industry should have both, hence the value of owning more than one console and opening your eyes to great games industry-wide, not just Nintendo-wide.

  10. Jake, I hear your pleas and sympathize. But don’t forget one important thing: the kid was a teenager, a young teenager at that.

    No doubt that he probably should have picked up on the bad gameplay. And when I say this I mean no offence to the teens who read and post on Infendo but I don’t think a lot of young teens necessarily care about stuff like polished gameplay. If it looks cool and you can destroy things it’s a winner in a lot of kids books. But they eventually do learn what makes a game good, some earlier than others. I would think the teens who visit sites like Infendo do know the difference though – the sites are great resources for reviews and commentaries so you can be more selective and knowledgable. I certainly have learned a lot more about gaming since I started visiting gaming sites the last 3 or 4 years.

    As for the recent flurry of bad games, well really the bad games have always been there. It may be a bit more these days, I don’t know… but bad games aren’t a new thing by any stretch. Look at how many crap games came out in the PS2’s lifetime. It’s really too bad but it’s nothing new.

  11. I know what you mean. One day last week I sat down with my friend Phillip for lunch. He asked me why I had only a Wii, and I said it was because all of my favorite games are on the Wii and that I have no need in buying a 360. He owns both a Wii and 360. His next point was “You the Wii has crappy graphics and is a casual gaming console for casual gamers.” This set me off. I preached to him for several minutes about the definition of casual gaming. I explained to him that a hardcore game isn’t one where blood is everywhere and you are about to vomit because of the violence. I also told him that Nintendo is the oldest and best gaming company, and I said that Nintendo has more classic hardcore games than any other system. We have Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Metroid, StarFox, and many others. My next point was that the Wii is seen as a casual system because it is the only system that is successful with that audience but still has been purchased by many loyal Nintendo fans like me.
    Next I preeched to him about graphics. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Bros. are way better than most games on the not because of graphics but because of gameplay and storyline.

    This new generation of gamers is starting to scare me. They also seem to think that Action Replay is a good thing. I think Nintendo should sue AR because of the decrease of enjoyment by other players. I have completed the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond and have spent over 480 hours in it. When someone tells me that they did it too I ask them, “Do you have Action Replay?” If they say yes I preech to them about it and call them a loser in their face. It is fun to battle them though because they are overconfident and think that they will win just because they have a bunch of lv 100s. They haven’t been EV trained and don’t even possess any EVs, so it is fun watching their faces when my Dragonite OHkills whatever they send out.

    One word to the people we dislike: Noobs

  12. A great game is a great game. Unleashed is great topically, but dig deeper and it’s definitely of a God of War copy with a Star Wars skin. I’ve also seen it described as repetitive in later levels. This is all great for Star Wars fans, but I can agree with Jake about the fact that those who can see past the visuals will see a buggy, above average game.

    Many games suffer from this dynamic today precisely because developers have become obsessed with visuals and making art and telling some bloated story. These are also the same developers who claim the “future” of video games HAS to be better graphics, more powerful processors, and 40-hour play times. The past two years have proven them only half right. Barely.

    Will there be games like that that succeed? Obviously, but that’s never been my argument. My argument has been against the absolutist’s view that games REQUIRE better, or even updated graphics, to succeed in today’s market, or else they automatically fail. It’s a belief that’s present today ad nauseum, just as it’s present above in this comment thread. If we applied this obtuse way of thinking to any other medium, like movies for example, then classic modern films like Schindler’s List, or the Good German, would never have been made because “they were black and white.” Short films like those on YouTube or Funny or Die or a Pixar short would have been ridiculed to no end because they were “too short” or because they were made with “a consumer handicam.”

    And yet, this ridiculous idea that all games need the glossy, updated, “mature” treatment remains, even when we present mountains of evidence to the contrary–like the runaway success of the Wii/DS, or Internet flash games, or the iPhone App Store, or the Virtual Console.

    There’s a reason people still play chess, or Tetris, today, and it’s not because of some chest thumping, cockamamie fantasy that all games in 2008 require HD graphics and power and testosterone and ARR ARR ARR! to be acceptable.

    But please, by all means, label me some kind of Nintendo disciple for pointing this out.

    Jake, your post was a breath of fresh air for the site. I know you’re busy creating web sites these days, but please post more observations as you’re able to do so.

  13. I agree with gregory and jonkind. We were probably similar when we were kids. Ask yourself this. Are there any games from your youth that you loved, but are known today as low quality titles? I’m sure the answer is yes.

    A 14 year old hasn’t played enough games to care about some gameplay issues or bugs.

    It’s when you’re 30, have a kid, a wife, a job, and kill yourself to squeeze out 2-3 hours of gaming per week that you have little to no tolerance for bad games. When you have so little time to game, you don’t want to waste it on anything but the best.

    No, I don’t think this kid ruining games, I think he’s just like most every kid since the beginning.

  14. @Roxxor,

    “It is fun to battle them though because they are overconfident and think that they will win just because they have a bunch of lv 100s. They haven’t been EV trained and don’t even possess any EVs, so it is fun watching their faces when my Dragonite OHkills whatever they send out.”


  15. o/` CGI killed the gameplay star… o/`

  16. A brief confession:
    When I was young, there were many things that impressed me that were actually very shallow. This is not limited to video games, but applies to many other aspects of life. It took some growing up and maturity to change my views and force me to look at actual substance instead of just pretty exteriors.

    So don’t be too hard on kids getting pumped up about hot graphics. Let them enjoy those games while they can… and hope that they realize there is more to gaming than graphics eventually. (Some will, some won’t.)

  17. I’m not even going to bother saying anything, seeing as most of it has probably been said anyways. I’m not reading these 4 or 5 paragraph comments (sorry, guys). But I do have to say this:


  18. So, are you saying the real kiddie games are the ones with realistic killing and violence? Well, I agree!

  19. I really hope that nintendo’s next console has the balance between graphical presentation and innovative gameplay, I must admit sometimes I find myself itching for more grapical glory and stuff. But usually when I do I get tired of it after a while and it’s nothing new. I hope that one day that nintendo will combine the freshness they can make with innovation, and include graphics in the package as well. So we’ll have the best of two worlds and no one can nag about it not being in hd or anything of the sort.

  20. I’m a relatively new gamer, but even I appreciate good gameplay. I’m surprised at the people who would waste money on a crap games just because it looks good on their tv or some other equally superficial reason.

  21. “So, are you saying the real kiddie games are the ones with realistic killing and violence? Well, I agree!”

    No. People are saying that the only gamers concerned about games being too “kiddie” are immature, and care less about the quality of the games they play than their appearance (or self-image, at least) when playing those games. More mature people care about the overall game experience — and graphics are a part of that experience, but not the most important part by any means.

    At least, that’s what I’m saying. Others might find that a bit confrontational.

  22. You could see this one of two ways…

    The positive way is that these kids don’t know any better just like we didn’t know any better when younger and even the bad games were awesome to us.

    The negative view is that indeed the problem isn’t that “casual” gaming is causing stagnation and lame titles but the acceptance and ignorance of such titles makes publishers see that they can still make quite a bit of cash with minimal effort. It’s not Nintendo’s fault, it’s the consumer’s fault.

    Well, for my part I try to save my cousins as best I can. Fancy graphics are awesome but they wear off really fast and the problem’s when there’s nothing left beyond that.

  23. The simple and sad truth is that kids have no taste (and many younger people don’t). Look at all of the little ones happy with playing garbage like “Petz” and “Horsez” and any other title that ends with a “z.”

    The other sad truth is that, those who are brought up and conditioned to enjoy less-than-fulfilling gaming experiences usually stay that way forever. I was thankfully raised on a healthy diet of classic Mario, Mega Man, Zelda, etc., but that’s because those were the most readily-available games at the time (early 90s, when the NES and SNES were alive and kickin’). The consoles today have less great games on them because those great games are increasingly difficult and time-consuming to create (and actually require some effort, heaven forbid), so in comes the shovelware, and with it, shoddy taste.

    I probably sound like a snob, but yeah, that’s really how I feel about the subject.

  24. Funny thing, when I was a teen me and my friends plastered our bedroom walls with videogame posters from magazines. The ‘hardcore’ posters were what most people would now call kiddie: Pop ‘n Twinbee, Mega Man, Mario of course, DBZ, and practically any other game with cutesy anime characters and strange names and slogans.

    There was very little respect for the few ‘adult’ posters back then, something like Golden Axe, or Final Fight. Now it’s the other way around, methinks!

  25. many kids did that, I did that when speaking about Sonic 3 when first played, of course that is an excellent games, but when you’re playing what you experience is king, what others do doesn’t matter until you become warped is this simultaneously awful and wonderful part of our culture. The need to share an opinion and kind of act on it and around it.

    We lay dozens to hundreds of games, our opinions are going to be stronger than the average person’s. If someone think’s zuma is the greatest thing since sliced bread or only plays Enter the Matrix who are we to try to ruin their experience with the game?

  26. I have to disagree, Jake: there has never been a wider selection of genres in gaming, with all levels of complexity, as there is today!

    We seem to be missing a lot of the more “mature” titles here (and I use the term in its original sense, not its “adult industry” sense!) Take for example Disgaea DS… I have not read even a mention of this game, arguably the deepest and most hardcore of strategy games that have ever been published, even though it just came out this week! Infendo Radio only gave it a mention in its list of New Games GET, without a single comment! Same situation with Etrian Odyssey II and a dozen more games that I could mention that came out this year.

    The great games that concentrate on gameplay over graphics for experienced or more dedicated gamers are definitely out there; I’m surprised they fly undetected even on gaming blog sites like this one.

  27. Deepthought said “Back in my day, we had 3 colors and we liked it. We had two buttons,”

    Two buttons??? Three colors??? Try one button. A joystick deviously designed to produce blisters. And 4-bit color. The Atari 2600! Cut your teeth on that, kiddies, and you’ll know real gaming when you see it!

    I feel old.

  28. It’s just perception. Gaming is no longer a niche market and you’re seeing things from an older perspective. Things change and generally one looks back on the past more fondly than it what it actually was.

    The sky isn’t falling, the world isn’t ending and gaming has never been better . . . mostly.

  29. At least when kids today get sick of a game they can trade it in for a good percentage of what they paid. When I was a kid the only trading we did was with the sketchy kid down the street and if you owned a game you didn’t play much anymore, you were stuck with it for a while.

    Online trading and decreased attention spans FTW!

  30. “Who cares about the gameplay…the graphics are awesome!”
    That guy must loVe lagging than.

  31. @ egag21
    sweet- let’s get some tank going.

    anyone remember capt skyhawk? i LOVED that game. but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. it’s not even a superb game. i didn’t care.

    what i got out of games as a kid is different than what i get now, and different than what i’ll get in the future. it doesn’t make it shallow, just a different criteria. even now i play different games depending on my level of stress or what mindset i’m in.

    for a movie, i think i’d be ok calling things shallow. but i feel the vast majority of games barely approach a cohesive narrative, much less ‘art’ status. so as long as theyre just entertainment anyways, who cares if you prefer controls or graphics.

    i guess the real complaint is that these gamers are directing resources away from what you want. i understand that complaint.

  32. @egag21
    I remember the Atari 2600 joystick as well. You would have some sore hands after manipulating that thing for a couple of hours. Back then I loved it. I also remember those games like Pitfall and River Raid that never ended. As long as you didn’t die, you just kept on playing. The difficulty would not get any harder after a certain point. Basically I would play until i was tired and just pick a place to stop. Fond memories.

  33. im a tenth grader and everyday I have to deal with some douches talking about halo and gears of war and how great they are. EVERYDAY. Im not saying that gears is a bad game (although it’s not that great) but hearing people talk about halo pisses me of. That game is horrible. YOu can play it for one hour tops and it gets to repetitive and stupid. That’s what’s bad about FPSs but now a days if they are shiny and have blood it’s the best game in the world. A perfect example would be GTA4. BAd game…but it’s SHINY!!!

  34. The key for me is fun. Graphics are important to some extent, but only so much as it compliments the game. Super Mario Galaxy looked wonderful, but so did Super Mario Sunshine. Yet my favorite Mario game to date remains Super Mario 3. It’s all about the gameplay and satisfaction you get out of it. Valve is still using the relatively old Source engine (with some tweaks to the lighting and physics engines) while EVERYONE seems to be obsessed with the new Unreal engine. Yet I’ll take the 6 hour Episode 2 and Portal over Bioshock any day. And Crysis… seriously, who cares. As long as I enjoy playing it and there’s enough fun to justify its price, I’m happy. WiiWare’s Strong Bad games, Lost Winds, Mega Man 9, PC’s Everyday Shooter… all low price and plenty of fun. Why the hell should I spend $60 for a graphics engine with a half assed story attached.

  35. In recent years the amount of shovel ware has increased significantly. These games have a replay value of about a week and when kids are finished with them they just buy more of it. They need to learn to wait for good games and to finish the good one’s completely, instead of giving up on it because it’s too hard or it doesn’t look that great. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but this new generation, which is sadly my generation, is way to ADD about playing games.

  36. @Roxxor
    Why so serious? No, really, why so damn serious. I doubt your entire story, because anybody that would “preech” (sic) to their “friends” would not have friends for very long. People with friends don’t play Pokemon for 480 hours. You’re the kind of person that gives Wii owners a bad image. Anybody that actually uses the “word” (Not a real word) noob is the kind of person that makes gaming look bad.

    Force Unleashed isn’t that bad, anyway. For about 2/3rds of the game, it’s pretty fun, it’s not until late in the game that the flaws in the targeting become really annoying and many enemies become immune to 75%+ of your Force powers. Suffers from heightened expectations more than anything. Why someone would decide to provoke a confrontation with a kid who was enjoying it, I do not understand. How’s that any better than the 360 owner deriding a Wii owner who enjoys his system?

  37. Yeah, Force Unleashed is fun the first time through for no other reason than the awesome physics engine. I think the new generation has a problem discerning “graphics” from “special effects”. Gears of War was satisfying because of the great sounds that came from everything, and Force Unleashed is satisfying because your enemies go flying every-which-way.

  38. Very good post. The funny thing about that kid is you had the wrong conversation with him. You where suppose to ask was the game difficult and did it take skill. A gamer talks about art and game play separately. Art is important in order to attract a gamer some times with out ads being run but the game play by way of word of mouth is what makes a classic hit.

    Another thing is there is a form of every type of polish in the industry right now almost. The crazy thing people expect all of those things to show up on one console when there clearly isn’t enough power for such things. People automatically scream lazy yet the truth is if they would have toned the graphics back they would have had more time to make levels that challenge a gamer. Starwars sucked because the NEW ENGINE was suppose to be the NEW TOY every one would play with endlessly.

    Another thing is younger kids and older gamers not use to what normal PC shaders can do will believe they are looking at 6 million polygons. I remember looking at the first real almost normal map that worked in UT2004. It was a wall with jagged brick sticking out and hell I think it was actualy a static mesh but I remember every one think about how to pull this off then normal mapping was officially supported by nvidia. Man I played 2004 for years hope some one would build levels like the first UT since I did nothave time to do it. Eventually I got tired of that game and hoping it flaws would be fixed. It really weird but I find lots of HD gamers hyped up about HD gaming simply because it is here and they are willing to wait till it get better. SONY knows this way more than any one and this is why we may not see a price drop. Every one that has bought a 360 is suppose to get a PS3 simply because it does not break.

    The gaming gen is all misinformed. You have vocal people who couldn’t really get past high school algebra try to tell people that the cell has untapped power yet they have no idea what this power is or what it is actually used for. They don’t even care how computers work or the fact that the GPU in the 360 has more FP performance than the cell. These gamers remind me of the woman from the MIST. They claim to know what they are talking about in order to make them selves important. They also believe that this type of hype is what will win the war for them.

    If they come to web sites about gaming that is the sole reason for them even play games :::arguing for their hardcore badge:::. They may not be skilled at gaming but they can argue about it all day long. They can’t make any games but they can argue about it (with some one else’s points) all day long.

    They can’t even see why they are excited because they are new to gaming and just want it to succeed but only in away that keeps people trying to make the games they want. If you are an older gamer and have played doom and watched how people loved to play it yet few actually beat it you start to realize who is casual.

    These type of hardcore player like gaming because they want games that amazed them like pixar not mario 3 or ninja gaiden 3. In fact they didn’t even play these games. Why did they not play them because they had their hands full trying to play PS games because they where not old enough to be excited about those game or be good at them.

    To put it plainly they are not the hardcore gamers that grew up off transformers and GI joe these guy drew up off power rangers. Image was every thing and they didn’t care about the story it was a big event and that is what matter the most.

    FMV games did not help this. The older guys that like these HD games that are shallow or more about finishing the game rather than being good at it or just PC gamers chasing the tech wonder bug. Maybe they could not keep a PC running well because of freq porn site visits(and male ware installs) or what not so they have opt’ed for HD console gaming.

    Seriously you can see the values of these gamers in the way they ignore the control issues and the overall level design or lack of game play design. This is an amusement park for them. I mean take any sand box kiddy game and dress it up with jacking cars and realistic graphics, suddenly you have GTA.

    Let them overdose on this stuff. Eventually they also got tired of power rangers also. This is the same thing they hope will happen to the Wii simply because they can’t understand why people would like it. Yet the people that like the Wii are not really like them. What is funny is these guys actually are operating in a some what different culture. If you grew up in the 80 you had lots of cool creation coming from movies and every where they you just get sequels uncreative stuff by mid 90s.

    Also if you notice more hardcore gamers sound as if they are football fans now also. The same way that people side with a football team during loosing times. Yet the traditional hardcore gamer has no allegiance to one company. This was because of arcades people enjoyed the games not their loyalty.

    In the end people will get pissed off at their FAVORITE company simply because they will get tired of waiting for them realize all of that power. Any publisher that is not smart enough to keep his franchise alive on the Wii is asking not to have any fans when next gen comes. When it does come the HD gamers will look at the money they spent and drop out of gaming due to great graphics yet sorry game play.

  39. Sorry for the typos but I’m at work.

    Oh yeah a similar thing happened with the neo geo. Last resort was beautiful yet it was a very shallow game. These games drove me to want to be an artist in the industry along with other great looking but hardly challenging games. I played them thinking man they could have done this and that to make this game better but after dealing with the development machine you realize you only have a small part and they only want to make it look or seem fun with out worry about it being actually fun. The leads are dead set on what they want to do and some people may have good ideas but they have no faith in the leads to carry them out. You get people saying we will do it if we can pull it off in time. Things where much better when every one agreed fully on what we where going to make and every one provided feed back. I actually understand why so many games got pushed back in the day now. Some ideas would break boring game play and some would deepen it yet you would have to balance this for new comers.

    Back to work for me.

  40. @ Run line 10:


  41. dang kids… even though i am 16, I grew up with an awesome and nerdy Family that know’s what’s right. things like this drive me nuts!

  42. @ Run line 10

    hahahahaha- so many amazing comments!

    ‘They may not be skilled at gaming but they can argue about it all day long.’ hahaha posers. maybe infendo should run an article for each of us to brag about our greatest gaming accomplishments. i’ve got a few meager ones yes, but ones in which I take pride.

    also, your subtext about how awesome pc gaming is rings true to me. i still love myself some bf2- squading up with your buds while one is a commander is 100% different from being on the same COD4 team. custom pcs ftw.

    ‘These type of hardcore player like gaming because they want games that amazed them like pixar not mario 3 or ninja gaiden 3.’

    so true. or, to combine this with the comment about difficulty, how about everyone going ‘WOA! Ninja Gaiden on the xbox is soooo hard!’ Yeah, it’s not exactly a cakewalk, but it’s not exactly a terror either. Put some time in and beat it. no wonder people cried with contra 4. myself, i love that i havent beaten it on normal yet.

    ‘Maybe they could not keep a PC running well because of freq porn site visits’ hahahahahahahaaha

    About transformers and GI Joe- yeah they ruled, but the story wasn’t exactly there either. Robot chicken’s rendition with Duke being capturred immediately and forced into a cobra tourney was hysterically right on spot. Although… for these kids there was more than just power rangers. you do remember what else launched when power rangers 1st appeared? Batman, the animated series. Some of the best cartoon storytelling ever. That S*** was DEEP.

    again- need to disagree with a strict hierarchy of gaming values. like control > sandbox. so long as it’s pretty frivolous entertainment anyways, who cares what you like; gaming isn’t shakespeare yet. although i def know my own priorities and wish others would adopt them….. cause it would be a better world.

    ‘in the 80 you had lots of cool creation coming from movies’ I JUST had this conversation. Which decade has the best movies? 80s. It’s just an unfair question. I mean, 2 star wars, all the indiana jones, the crazy action movies, and then ghostbusters and big trouble in little china and batman? it’s not even close.

    ‘Yet the traditional hardcore gamer has no allegiance to one company. ‘ hell yeah. xbox get most of my console time. but as soon as someone offers more of what i want, so long micro$oft (you cheap cheap bastards)

    ‘HD gamers will look at the money they spent and drop out of gaming’ i’ve got friends who are all about the HD gaming. if i had the cash i’d be about it too. It’s a big deal for them. They think every dollar is worth it for those huge vistas on their 50″ tv that take their breathe away and cause them to just stand there watching the game cycle day and night. and personally, i LOVE amazing graphics. When a game visually blows my mind, it just makes me happy. I remember one scene in far cry when i came out of a cave and into a valley of cliffs and waterfalls and i was just awestruck. scenes like that added a ton of value to that game.


  43. @deepthought thanks man. This is just me and the guys at work talking about where we work really. Seriously power rangers crushed batman back in the days to the younger crowd. I was trying out that style in 3d when it(batman) came out because low polygon modeling was the thing then. We still call that anime modeling.

    GIjoe was way cooler so was silver hawks etc. But I’m sorry power rangers ruled the guys that are now 20-24 LOL.. Only older guys like us like the bat man stuff.

  44. I’m a kid and I agree that most other kids are stupid.I prefer an ugly game with 20 hours of gameplay to a pretty game that lasts for two days.

  45. No matter how many jiggawatts you need to run it…
    There are only good graphics, and bad graphics.

    So to see the root of a video game, we might see that it started off with a simple idea.. a concept. That feels important does it not? That sense of freshness, or intelligence played and displayed in a visual interactive experience.

  46. Perhaps society needs to go further and actively promote birth control and more active rewards for moving in the direction of middle class values of delayed parenthood, two parent families, and a more traditional lifestyle. ,