Infendo’s Top 5 Mario Kart tracks

839e.jpgWhat truly defines Mario Kart? Characters, items, and kart type are the main factors, but the course designs are truly at the core of each race. Since our first taste of kart racing back in 1992, Mario Kart tracks have undergone major changes. Some courses lack skill to master, while others such as the DS version require precision handling and a memorized course layout.

As many know, Mario Kart Wii will be releasing this Sunday (April 27) and it’s only proper to compile a small list of my all time favorite tracks throughout the entire Mario Kart series.

5) Donut Plains ”“ Super Mario Kart

donutSimple can be better. Clean, colorful, and flat, Donut Plains is the perfect way to refine your turns and cut corners. Skill is in getting a good slide around those tight corners just in time to steal 1st place. Though it has been brought to other MK titles, racing through Donut Plains on the SNES can’t be beat.

4) DK’s Jungle Parkway ”“ Mario Kart 64

f21a.jpgWho doesn’t remember your first race through this bad boy? You ramp over a stinkin river boat! The lush N64 jungle would bludgeon the crap out of you via coconuts if you were bumped off the track. Your best bet is to drop a minefield of bananas for opposing racers to wipe out on.

3) Waluigi Stadium ”“ Mario Kart Double Dash!!

7929.jpgThough MK64 had a similar dirt track, Waluigi Stadium is the best off-road course that the Mario Kart series has to offer. Improvements over N64’s Wario Stadium were the overall smaller track width. This contributed to more action and shell flying which is never a bad thing in Mario Kart. Larger ramps and more item boxes only increased the chaos. Try to getting a heavy kart with good handling to round those turns.

 2) Luigi Circuit ”“ Mario Kart Double Dash!!

4252.jpgA great track where good speed and a light kart really come into play. Your decision when slinging around the two opposite turns will ultimately decide your end position. Slide around the top with the multi-boosts will give you a quick break from the action, but sliding sharply around the base of the turn will yield excellent times. If you have the skills enough to break away from the rest of the group you gain the pleasure of smashing oncoming racers. Just don’t hit the Chain Chomp!

 1) Delfino Square ”“ Mario Kart DS

5a5e.jpgMight not be what others consider their numero uno, but this track is a blast for me. The way the winding course flows through Delfino and loops back into a wide straight away makes this a great track to test your snaking skills. The most overlooked shortcut would have to be the small dirt alleyway that is blocked by banana boxes. This can be easily accessed by a quick slide which of done properly will get you ahead of the competition. Thankfully we will be able to race through Delfino Square in Mario Kart Wii. Remember to survive those blasted blue shells once you start pwning online.

What are your favorite tracks in the series?