Infendo Wifi Night – Tonight! 9PM Eastern

It’s Thursday! Join your fellow Infendo community in some friendly online gaming tonight at 9PM Eastern. We of course support all Wifi games, but this Thursday’s focus will be on the following…

-Guitar Hero III
-Super Smash Brothers Brawl
-Mario Kart Wii
-Tetris DS
-Dr. Mario Online RX

Be sure to hop into the forums, and IRC to exchange friend codes, trash talk, and Nintendo speculation. Have a Steam account? Try joining our newly established Infendo’s Army group through Valve’s Steam application.

See you tonight!


  1. Sweet! Hopefully we’ll see a good crowd tonight! I’ll be available for Brawl, Kart and Dr. Mario. I have Tetris DS, but my wireless connection to my DS is a bit wonky.

  2. I’d love to meet a few Infendonians for a round or two of Dr Mario… but I’ve never played against friends online before, only random people.

  3. Lest Brawl !

  4. Can’t wait to play some good old MK Wii and Brawl!

  5. I’ll be there on the Infendo Chat Room tonight. Just make sure to bring your A game in both SSBB, MK Wii & Dr. Mario Online RX 😉

    Also hope to meet a few new Infendoites! See you there.

  6. Why can’t we exchange codes on these comments?I don’t feel comfortable on forums and chat rooms.They’re not made for kids.

  7. Feel free to trade your friend codes right here in the comments if you feel more comfortable.

    The reason people use forums instead is that the post doesn’t “disappear” or get “buried” in a coule of days, it can still be found later so you don’t have to post your codes every week when you want to add new people. (Also, people who have already posted their friend codes in the forums might not look here and post them a second time.)

  8. By the way, sorry for not playing any online games. Apparently tonight is “watch So You Think You Can Dance reruns with your wife” night. Yay.

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