Infendo Wifi Night – Thursday, October 30th at 9:00PM Eastern


It’s been a while, but we finally have a new title worth adopting into our traditional Infendo Wifi Night! Those with Guitar Hero World Tour should join us this Thursday night at 9PM Eastern Time. Almost the entire Infendo staff has a copy so hop in. Those without the game, or those who simply don’t feel like playing GH:WT can of course play some Brawl, Mario Kart, Medal of Honor, etc…

Exchange your friend codes through the comments, forums, and Infendo IRC. Don’t be late!


  1. You can bet I’m going to be there with my brand new Guitar Hero.

  2. I wasn’t aware of a “Thurday.” is this the fabled eighth day?

  3. ^
    What ever do you mean? 😉

  4. This is SWEET!! Infendo Wi-Fi Thursday Night RETURNS AGAIN! 🙂

    But Jake, maybe it’s about time we started doing a tournament based on games like MK Wii or SSBB? You know, for these get togethers.

  5. Doesn’t sound like a “small percentage” to me. at least 50% of the comments I’ve heard /seen have had problems with their drum kit or mic. Glad I only got the guitar version.

  6. I looked in the forums, and I only see one person’s GHWT friend code. None of the bios in the “about us” page have GHWT codes either. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  7. I don’t have world tour yet, but here’s GH3:2406-6244-0646
    Mario Kart:0645-6286-2737
    and the Wii:8177-9754-3537-4182
    Name’s Ethan by the way.

  8. Since I can’t post in the forums yet…

    GHWT Friend Code: 3566-4754-0692