Infendo Live Blog – Japan Nintendo Media Conference 2008

Click the “read more” link below for a constant live feed from several sources covering the event currently going on in Japan. The amount of blogging depends on just how much, or if we even get any news at all. At the least you will see headlines tomorrow morning.


[1:45]-Nintendo has announced “Nintendo DSi” Details coming…

[1:52]-Iwata talks about DS sales and how they have hit a peak with current model, and market plan…

[1:57]- Supports SD cards. There is a DSi Shop.


[2:02]- 12 percent thinner (no GBA slot), Larger screens 17% bigger (3.25″), 2 cameras with one at VGA resolution

[2:05]-Has pitch/playback options with improved speakers

[2:05}-3MP camera

[2:06]- Now two touch screens, pics can be edited via touch control

[2:07]- SD card slot included which allows pics and other stuff to be saved to cards and moved to Wii.

[2:07]- DSi has built in internet browser and allows you to save downloaded games

[2:10]- download DSi Ware with Nintendo Points

[2:10]– Apps cost Free, 200, 500, 800 points

[2:10]– get them via DSi shop

[2:10]– owners that connect by March, 2010 will receive 1000 Points as a gift in Japan only

[2:10]– Hits Japan on Nov 1st for 18900 yen”¦2009 release for rest of the world

[2:15]-At the same time as release a free opera internet browser for the console.
Opera and Nintendo are tuning the DSi so that it can allow for the fastest browsing possible.
in addition to DSi dedicated software that can communicate faster wirelessly

[2:18]-Miis on the DSi

[2:20]-Launch games: Valk Profile DS, Kirby, Kyotaro, Rockman, World Food, Phantasy Star Zero, Momotaro Dentetsu

[2:20]- Talk of possible Mario and Luigi 3


[2:24]- Final Fantasy CC for Wii and DS due out Jan 29th in Japan with connectivity

[2:25]- Wii presentation: To save the wii with the memory shortage the SD memory card can directly download Wii software and VC titles, also the Wii console software can easily copy and use the SD memory
This firmware update due Spring of 2009

[2:30]- Nintendo of Japan starting campaign to get Wii/DS/DSi owners online via Wifi adapted, etc…
Giving those who can’t connect to net 500 Nintendo points

[2:32]- In order to raise the speed of the Wii’s internet connection by 3 and a half minutes. Your wii can be sent in a fixed for free

[2:32]- more DSi screens

[2:37]- DSi hinge will not change

[2:38]- Animal Crossing Wii demo shows data transfer through the DS (Miis included)

[2:40]- Enhanced Gamecube Software to be released with additional Wii functions

[2:42]- More DSi games :3D Picross, Gyakuten Kenji, Infinite Line

[2:45]-Nintendo launching “Play on Wii Selection” with has titles such as Pikmin GCN

[2:47] – PUNCH-OUT for Wii is announced!

[2:48] – More Japan titles which are poor to translate

[2:49]- Wii titles include: Punch Out, Another Code, Sin and Punishment 2, Sangoku Musou 3, Monster Hunter 3

[2:53]- Uh-oh…Miyamoto on stage playing Wii Music….run!!!!

-Pitch editor on DSi

[2:59] – Trace Memory DS announced (Another Code: two memories?)


[3:01] – Miyamoto morning death of GBA


Miyamoto: “I wanted the Wii to be a game console that makes your living room bigger,”

[3:06] – DSi site launches

[3:12]- Ouch! Max brightness comparison DS: 5-8 hours battery life , DSi:3-4 hours battery life

-another layout image of DSi

[3:19]- Punch-out Wii off screen pic

[3:19}- DSi vs DS stat chart

[3:26]- Shiggy is still talking about Wii Music…”If only I had this video game when I was a kid. If kids play with this, what will they become?”

[3:30]- I think it’s over! Quite a night, eh? Thanks, Will for the help! If we missed anything just check back at Infendo tomorrow. Remember we have NOA conference in the morning!