Game Boy Timeline


gameboy timeline
After 20 years, the Game Boy really hasn’t changed that much, as this nifty timeline shows. Head on over to Gizmodo for a full resolution image.


  1. This is awesome, gotta save this somewhere.

    I still have my 1980 G&W Octopus game that my mom gave me somewhere around here… THE GB POCKET WAS SOOOOO SHARP.

  2. i love this timeline. i wish you posted more timelines like this. the only sad part of the timeline is where they speak about the lynxx. i had one and it was a lot of fun. unfortunately atari pulled the same old no software for their cool hardware routine and the poor baby died. i did grab some great games before it’s life ended stunrunner, bram stokers dracula rpg, warbirds, california games, and a few others i can’t recall, but i have it and my gameboy somewhere in my storage space. it actually had some cool features for the time rotation, scaling, full color, i believe a 16-bit processor, you could play it left or right handed, it was back lit, and had a screen saver to save your batteries.

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