Free Radical up for sale


Things aren’t looking so good for the famed TimeSplitter series developer, Free Radical. It has been confirmed today that the game developer is officially up for sale. The situation began shortly after Free Radical’s latest title (Haze – PS3) bombed in both reviews and sales. Combine the aftershock of a sorry game with the current global economy and you get layoffs, cutbacks and now a for sale sign.

Soon after the cutbacks began, a group of Free Radical’s top developers including David Doak and Steve Ellis broke away from the company to form UK developer, Pumpkin Beach. These key members have worked with Rare on previous AAA titles such as GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark.

Interestingly enough, the particular video game IPs available for sale have been reported to be the TimeSplitters franchise as well as several other mystery IPs which have been eyed by many gaming firms.

It was confirmed in July 2007 that TimeSplitters 4 was in deep development. Many rumors have also flared that Star Wars Battlefront III was in development by Free Radical.

Will these unfinished titles ever see the light of day?