First Red Steel 2 screen shot reveals unique visual style


Our first glimpse at how Red Steel 2 will look in-game. Bravo to the developers who are finally adapting to the Wii’s underpowered hardware (see Madden 10).

What do you think of the new cel-shaded style? Comment below!

Image via GoNintendo, via Nintendo Power – June 2009


  1. Well even though it is just one screenshot I’d say I really like the way that game is looking. I never bought the first game and one of the main reasons was the graphics just looked kinda poor. This is definately an improvement. I have liked cel shaded graphics ever since Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast. This looks a little darker and gritty. If it uses Motion Plus I’m totally in.

  2. Wow, I actually love it! I don’t know why more developers don’t use cel-shading. It can be used to such great effect.

  3. Well it does look pretty cool. Too bad the Madden 10 doesn’t look like that.

  4. count me in for red steel 2

  5. I think it’s amazing how much good faith this game is getting considering how poorly received it’s predecessor was. I feel like I’m the only guy waiting to see the quality.

  6. i didn’t mind the first one to begin with so any visual and control upgrades this game is given in comparison to its predecessor is fine with me and will only add further enjoyment to the game. i’m stoked for this title.

  7. Reminds me of Borderlands….

  8. I might skip the Conduit for this one. 1:1 swords sounds sweet.

  9. I liked the visuals on the first one. They had several diversified environments, something that is pretty rare in today’s games. Lets see how does this one fares when they started showing up some more pictures (and some videos to see it in motion).


  10. Well I actualy liked 1st one. So this one is a must!!

  11. Another Wii sequel that’s looking to be better than the original?

    Hmm, seems to me that Wii sequels are actually mirroring what’s happening on a high level with the system in general (Boom Blox Party is another example).

    Slow cooker strategy, just like the DS. I’m already predicting more shortages this holiday season, now seven months away.

  12. I went back to red steel not long ago, just to check it out. It’s so much worse than I remember it.
    I praised the game to my friends when I first got it, Now though, after playing games like Metroid Prime 3, it’s just terrible, it doesn’t play well, it doesn’t look good.

    This does look a lot better though, provided Ubi have learnt from the likes of MP3, CoD5, MoH: H2 and The Conduit, this game will be great.

    I’m almost as excited for wii motion plus as I was for the wii itself when it first came out. All I can say is good look Ubi, They have a lot to live beyond with this game.

  13. I disagree, Jack.

    Bad graphics isn’t necessarily a matter of underpower… just look at games like MP3, Mario Galaxy, and the conduit to mention a few.

    Hell, there’s still pretty looking games in the ps2.
    It’s a matter of how developers develop them.

    Switching to cel-shading isn’t an obligation to make the Wii games pretty… it’s an option, and it’s too late to say that with that the developers are really adapting to the wii, as we’ve already seen what it can me done with standar style graphics.

    As for the game… I’m not sure how I feel about it… this game is just fading my hype away but I will give it time to proove itslef and see what they’ve got in mind.

  14. I’ll take this newer style over that crappy cardboard look of the first game any day of the week.

  15. My only dissappointment is the Western theme. Not a big fan of old-timey cowboy shoot-em-up movies. Otherwise, I need this game.

  16. I loved Red Steel. It was a little clunky, the graphics were a little off, but it was FUN – especially the multiplayer. Whenever I have four people to play we almost always choose the Bounty Hunter mode in Red Steel. That is some awesome fun.

  17. THIS LOOKS EFFING AWFUL WHY? the first one was good and look at this joke they call next gen graphics whattan epic FAIL! UH im pissed i hate you ubisoft!

  18. @rich

    Really?! ’cause this looks pretty ugly to me:

  19. I was not happy when I found out this was gonna be cell shaded… but after seeing these potential bullshots, if the game arrives looking /anything/ like this then style change totally freaking justified.

    There is /alot/ of style in these shots, most cell style titles that add extensive texturing end up looking low-res and blurry to keep everything ‘toony’, here everything looks sharp and attractive like a CG backdrop in a decent anime flick, and the shadowing looks superb.

    Ubi, don’t screw this one up.

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