DS hits 100 million software sales in Japan


yupJapanese sales tracker Media Create has announced 100 million units of DS software have been sold in Japan since launch. 100 million in almost three and a half years! That’s quite a feat when you compare software sales to Japan’s PS2 power house which took four years and three months to hit the 100 million software mark. Twenty one of the 922 DS games released have sold more than 1 million units.

Nintendo’s Top Ten DS games in Japan

New Super Mario Bros – 5,174,163 units
Brain Age 2 – 4,835,159 units
Animal Crossing DS – 4,693,662 units
Brain Age – 3,771,440 units
Mario Kart DS – 3,042,753 units
Pokemon Diamond – 3,005,505 units
Pokemon Pearl – 2,490,564 units
English Training DS – 2,216,322 units
Mario Party DS – 1,706,506 units
Big Brain Academy – 1,654,285 units

Will the juggernaut ever slow?