Did you pick up The Beatles: Rock Band?

The fab four are all the rage on this fine Wednesday. Did you pick up the Rock Band Beatles special, or is Guitar Hero 5 taking up your time?

Tell us how it plays.


  1. I work at Blockbuster (one of the big, “special” stores) and we had a big midnight release party. There was a radio station and even a live cover band in the parking lot. It was dorky.

    BUT! I did win a free copy of The Beatles: Rock Band for Xbox360. I wasn’t going to buy the game, but I’m not complaining with a free copy. Haven’t even popped it in to try it out, yet. Been so busy.

  2. Ill tell you the truth, I got caught in the hype.

    But i wont pay dammit! lol
    Eventually, but not right now.

  3. No, but my roommate did. 🙂

    Note: I have only mooched for a song….or two >.> <.<

  4. I’ve been a fan of the Beatles since my dad showed my his LP collection in 1987.

    The first thing I thought of after playing Rock Band when it was new two years ago, is “They need to have Beatles songs here. The instruments and vocals have their moments to be difficult when they want to be. It would make a great addition to the game.”

    Two years later, 9-9-09, it’s every bit as great as I expected it to be. I’ve so far played through most of the first 2 story venues, the first on guitar HARD unlocking every photo and the first video, and the first few songs from Ed. Sullivan theater vocals HARD, so far, unlocking everything that I could without finishing the set.

    If it weren’t for my cold making my throat rough, I’d sing more .. but 2 songs is all I can handle for tonight. I’ll try more this weekend, when I hope I feel better.

    Great game.

  5. The Beatles suck.

  6. Yeah, the Beatles suck. Like Primus.

    GH5 stinks, imho, so I think you know where I’m going with this one . . . 😉

  7. The advertising has caught my attention but the Beatles are of little interest to me. It looks like a very nicely polished product though. It does however, make me want to go out and get a new Guitar Hero game… Metallica or Smash Hits or perhaps even GH5. As it stands though… The Beatles aren’t getting any of my cash.

  8. this game blows out anything guitar hero has put out band wise, this is how a single band game should be done. if only metallica signed with Harmonix, it would have been insane.

  9. @ Gern & Paul:

    “The Beatles suck” = “all music sucks”

    Yeah, The Beatles were THAT good!

    As for picking the Beatles RB, I’d like to, but I won’t at this point… I still have too much to cover on RB2! I might get it before the end of the year, though…

  10. Not yet. But very, very soon.

  11. My copy (Wii version) got delivered yesterday afternoon. Here is a quick breakdown.

    Gameplay: It’s Rock Band. But for the Beatles. No complaints, very solid. Haven’t tried any of the harmony stuff yet, but I’m really pumped to. That seems to be the biggest addition.

    Difficulty: Several of the earlier songs are pretty simple, but I don’t see that as a negative. In fact, until very recently, I’ve rarely played a song on Hard. This game is already helping me conquer that; Hard is manageable, but still no pushover. The later songs are pretty tough, and I’m looking forward to raising the bar for myself.

    Sound: Everything sounds amazing. The remastered tracks have been giving me goosebumps. The setlist has been great so far… some mega-hits, and some less familiar ones. Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, you should give this a shot through rental or at a friend’s house. ou might be surprised by how good the music is, as well as have a few “that song was originally by the Beatles?!” moments.

    Visuals/Presentation: The game is oozing with atmosphere and is just gorgeous. My only regret is that I’m not watching the dreamscapes in HD, but it still looks beautiful.

    I know I’m not the first to say this, but if you like the Beatles, get this game. If you don’t, try to experience it in another way, just as a service to yourself and to your respect for music.

  12. @InvisibleMan: Fans of Primus used to use “Primus Sucks” as a rallying cry. Hence Paul’s comment.

    I haven’t picked up TB:RB yet because this was supposed to be when I bought a 360 (while I know a lot of Wii owners, all my friends who play rhythm games play them on the 360, so I want to have the same instruments and the ability to interact online with them.) A very sad family situation has delayed that for a while, but I don’t want to have two sets of instruments so I’m still waiting.

  13. I hate music games but my sister is absolutely crazy for the Beatles. Maybe she will buy it.

  14. Yes, and I love it! I bought it at midnight September 9th, stayed up all night playing it, took a couple of breaks to watch TV, surf the internet, eat, and beat it at 2:00 PM the next day. It’s everything a Beatles game should be, minus a bunch of good songs that should have been included (like Rain), and any semblance of historical accuracy. But I luvz it.

  15. Heck no, but I hope it spurs a price drop on GH: Metallica. It’s the last music game I plan on buying ever. I mean after a Metallica based music game, it’s only downhill from there.

  16. Heck no, I hate bands that serve as inspiration for other bands that I enjoy! Timeless masterpieces are totally not my thing! After GH: Overrated Metal Band, it’s all downhill. Heh, I have such impeccably good taste in music I scare myself.

  17. XCWarrior:

    “I hate bands that serve as inspiration for other bands that I enjoy!”

    Wow… just wow.

    That’d give you even more reason to enjoy them, dont you think?

    Metal heads suck anyway, you oughta be able to enjoy different kinds of music, and what better than the Beatles?

  18. @droop4:

  19. Ok, guess I can’t even link to images.


    @droop4: that’s the joke.

  20. I bought GH5 since I did the math and if I was going to spend $60 on either GH5 or Beatles Rock Band, GH5 was the better song-per-dollar deal.

    GH5 gives me 85 songs plus the free GH Van Halen that is coming this Fall. Beatles only includes 45 songs. It quickly became: buy GH5+VH, rent Beatles.

    Personally, I’m much more into Rock Band than Guitar Hero as a presentation model. Plus I’m much more into Van Halen than the Beatles, though I love both bands a lot.

  21. T3H BEETLEZ SUXORZ!!!! SLAYER PWNZ!!!1 (End Sarcasm.)
    Yes. Best music game… Ever…..

  22. After further review (i.e. actually started preparing to buy the 360 and TB:RB) I’ve decided against the Beatles game because unlike all the other GH and RB games out there, you’re confined to one band not only on the disc but also in the DLC. I love the Beatles, but I’ll be waiting for it to hit $20-30 used.

    That, and to my surprise, not one of my local gamer friends is interested in it.