Classic Commercials – Star Fox: Assault

One of Nintendo’s last high production value commercials before the casual marketing tactic took over. It’s not too bad, eh?


  1. It’s actually a pretty damn good game. It’s just too short, and a bit too easy. It feels like there should be more enemies when playing, what’s up with them cheating us on that?

  2. The commercial, maybe, but definitely not the game… It didn’t have a good feel to it. And the voice acting was terrible. Which, I understand some people might argue so was the original… but I’d play 64 any day over that garbage.

  3. Star Fox: Assault had flashes of brilliance amid tedious mediocrity.

    It’s not a coincidence the brilliant parts of the game occurred exclusively when Fox was in his Arwing; the force-yourself-to-play parts were entirely ground-based. Even in Star Fox 64, the tank and underwater missions were the least fun to play. Why developers insist on taking the Star Fox team out of their Arwings is beyond my understanding.

    For Assault, it went beyond fun. The air-based missions were polished and downright beautiful to look at; the tank and foot missions were as ugly and unpolished as they were boring to play.

  4. I agree with Derek. Assault is overall an average title. The flying parts are great, everything else….ehhh. The tank missions aren’t all that bad but the the on foot missions are simply awful.

    I have no idea why Nintendo has let the Star Fox franchise go so far down the toliet. For a while there it was one of Nintendo’s great franchises but since SF 64 it’s been downhill. Star Fox Adventures is a beautiful game but it’s not a Star Fox game. Slapping the Star Fox story into that game was one of the worst decisions ever. Assault was a step in the right direction but they pretty much crapped on it with the stupid on foot missions. And I even think Command sucks because of the whole strategy angle. Command is the first and only SF game I simply stopped playing and didn’t finish.

    Please…just give us a good SF game on the Wii where you JUST FLY!!

  5. ^ ResidentialEvil

    but that would require Nintendo to actually listen to what their fans want 🙂

  6. The game was pretty okay when you were just flying around. Keep the stupid animals in the planes next time.

  7. I was really disappointed when we didn’t get ads like these for Metroid Prime 3, Galaxy, and Brawl.

    Those are not games that should have grandmas and kids playing them. Okay maybe kids. But still. I wanted a “real” ad. I hate the ads Nintendo puts out now.