Animal Crossing Wii confirmed for E3 2008


Tom Nook is back!The speculation began last week when the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) featured an Animal Crossing image with the caption “Its Been a while! It’s time to revisit an old friend. How’s your village doing these days?” in their ‘Next Month’ preview section. Many thought the mag was just teasing their guesses at what would be presented at E3.

These rumors can be laid to rest with an interesting blog post from Tom East of ONM.

“…and those of you who have read the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine should already know that Animal Crossing Wii will be unveiled at the conference. So we’d like to know what else you’d like to see Nintendo reveal at E3 2008. What would be your dream line-up?”

A confirmation like this isn’t too surprising, but it’s nice to know we’ll see what the Wii version of Animal Crossing has to offer.

I smell voice chat. Eh?


  1. Why do you think voice chat? This game is “as good as any” for typing; by that I mean this isn’t the game that needs voice chat compared to other Online Wii games, but then again, anything to get it started is fine.

  2. ^?
    This game is basically screaming for voice chat. Has been since it first went online with the DS. Yes, text chat would work, but wouldn’t you rather ask your buddy to trade you 10 apples and 2000 bells than spend 30 sec typing it out?

  3. I’m curious if they’ll integrate the Miis into the game, say as your playable character.

  4. ^
    I hope not.
    Well, yeah.. instead of discussing about voice chating or not.. This game does have very good future… and endlessly online game features.
    I could buy it.
    Regardless that I’ve never played an AC.

  5. I bet they force you to buy the game with a bundled-in, wireless keyboard.

  6. ugh, I don’t want animal crossing to turn into a mmorpg with voice chat. How lame would that be? Is it bad to just want a better version of the GC one (i.e. more items, more activities, more events, better graphics)? Why do I have to get online to enjoy this game? Just doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  7. I never understood all the excitement over this game.

  8. Well, in order to get voice chat properly working, there’s a couple of bumps to get over:
    1) Do you really want to use friend codes to go into other people’s towns?
    2) If you don’t use friend codes, how do you perform an English-Japanese voice conversation? Or other languages? Typing would probably be the best translation; or perhaps a voice-to-screen translation? (i.e. whatever you say is shown in a message box on the screen in your language choice.)

    So I’m cool with voice chat, and all. I just hope they solved the problems above if they do implement it.

  9. I hope they bring back the nes games from the the gamecube version

  10. A hint that Animal Crossing Wii COULD DEFINITELY be at E3 2008 in this form of an article. Now that’s too SWEET! Voice chat for this game would DEFINITELY sound awesome and all, but I like Joltman’s take on the whole how do you talk to someone who speaks nothing but a different language like Japanese or any other language and then having it appear in a small oval box. If so, I hope the game has a built in translater for a voice chat. I meanthe last ime we saw voice chat was since Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl. But give me the option to play NES games again or even Game Boy games from the early 90’s, very late 80’s, plus being able to build whatever you want for once like an arcade, or bakery or something along those lines, and you have a formula winner of an Animal Crossing game in my book for Wii.

  11. I’m betting this will be a no-monthly fee casual MMO, probably a shot across Sony’s bow (with their PlayStation Home). That’s something I’m interested in to begin with. If they throw voice chat in there, I’ll be completely sold.

  12. Whatever they do they absolutely need to integrate it with the DS version. Like importing stuff you collected and bugs you have caught. If they omit this feature I’m doubtful they will win over casual veteran AC players (like my girlfriend) who have spent way too much time collecting and furnishing.