Animal Crossing Wii confirmed for E3 2008

Tom Nook is back!The speculation began last week when the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) featured an Animal Crossing image with the caption “Its Been a while! It’s time to revisit an old friend. How’s your village doing these days?” in their ‘Next Month’ preview section. Many thought the mag was just teasing their guesses at what would be presented at E3.

These rumors can be laid to rest with an interesting blog post from Tom East of ONM.

“…and those of you who have read the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine should already know that Animal Crossing Wii will be unveiled at the conference. So we’d like to know what else you’d like to see Nintendo reveal at E3 2008. What would be your dream line-up?”

A confirmation like this isn’t too surprising, but it’s nice to know we’ll see what the Wii version of Animal Crossing has to offer.

I smell voice chat. Eh?