Animal Crossing City Folk details revealed

accfOther than the exciting Pikmin 3 announcement Nintendo’s E3 2008 Developer Roundtable presented more info on Animal Crossing, Wii Music, and Wii Sports Resort. Thankfully more details concerning City Folk’s online abilities were given including support for Animal Crossing Wild World! Hit the jump for a list of AC details.

-Holidays such as Halloween, Easter, and others have returned.

-Wiiconnect24 is used extensively including the ability to receive new items (cloths, patterns, furniture, etc”¦) through WFC.

-These downloadable items are not prebuilt into the game disk. DLC is all fresh, and new.

-The new city portion of AC consists of a salon, auction house, fashion designer, happy room academy, and a comedy theater. A bus transports you between town and city.

-WiiSpeak confirmed once again.

-New ways to design your cloths. You can now design the front, back, and sleeves of shirts. The player can then take a snap shot of the clothing and send it to a SD card, Wii message board to send to friends. Also reveals that you can send these images to cell phones, and computers”¦details unknown.

-Group disconnection from the DS version confirmed. (Aka: When one person drops from a wifi session, everyone is dumped.)

-Wild World support! You can transfer your character and items from the DS version to City Folk. Also if you don’t have Wifi at your house you can transfer your City Folk data to your DS, and dump it to your friends Wii at another location.

-No NES games included like the GC version (Duh), and Wii weather channel not supported, because it would limit the players seasonal experience.