7,000 Mii Parade


Infendo reader/listener, CaliHurBoy is at it again. Today he brings you a whopping 7,000 Mii parade! Talk about a lot of friend codes. Great job, CaliHurBoy!  Here’s to 10,000!


  1. I thought you couldn’t have more than 100 Miis?

  2. I didn’t even realise it was possible to have this many Wii’s in a parade… You can definately have more than 100 though, I have about 150 in mine. 7000 though!! wow..

  3. You can’t have Wii’s in your parade Jamie..

    It would be cool tho!

  4. You can only make/save 100 Miis a time to your Mii plaza but you can have tons more in the parade. 7000 is amazing, kudos!

  5. Jeezus. I don’t have enough patience to put in all those friend codes.

  6. @ KillerHeroes

    You don’t have to bother with Friend Codes. You can just import Miis from the Mii Channel.

  7. Miis from your freind’s friends will show up. (i.e. some Miis in my parade from a Wii friend showed up in my boyfriend’s parade even though he hadn’t registered the same friends as me. I thought that was kind of neat.)

    @ utopianmachine Correct me if I’m wrong, but importing them off the Mii Channel would be saving them to your plaza… the parade is different than the plaza because they aren’t saved yet. Hence why you can have more than 100 in the parade.

  8. Awesome CaliHurBoy, but please, invest in a capture card/device.

  9. This strides the narrow fence between somehow impressive and a complete and utter waste of time.

  10. 4cr JaXs I am. I need a suggestion, got one? I don’t know if I should get a usb kind or card that installs in a PCI slot or in the computer.


    Need a good quality one that functions with my computer.

  11. 4cr JaXs i do plan on getting one.

    I don’t know if I should get one to install in my computer or a USB kind.

    Which one has better quality of recording?

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