2009 Virtual Console stats: “Ouch”

When first announced way back at E3 2005 the Virtual Console was envisioned as “the” ultimate digital library of Nintendo platform games. While not expecting the company to release the entire catalog day one, we knew all our favorites would eventually make their way into the shop channel.

Fast forward.

Looking back, 2009 was the most disappointing year for die hard VC collectors. What few gems managed to be released on the service were quickly surrounded by twenty-year old shovelware. Though first and second party VC titles aren’t always the cream of the crop, they most often live up to the original seal of quality. How many of those made it?


Correct. Only a meager six Nintendo published/developed games were made available on the Virtual Console in 2009. It’s understood that releasing too much of a good thing too quickly is unwise, but six titles in one year from an extraordinarily large game library? On a much more positive note, Square Enix and Capcom finally got their act together and brought a large selection of prime hits to the service.

Why the hold up Nintendo? Are you planning on dragging your catalog releases onto the Wii’s successor?

Oh and here’s a little 2009 VC pie for you…