2009 Virtual Console stats: “Ouch”


When first announced way back at E3 2005 the Virtual Console was envisioned as “the” ultimate digital library of Nintendo platform games. While not expecting the company to release the entire catalog day one, we knew all our favorites would eventually make their way into the shop channel.

Fast forward.

Looking back, 2009 was the most disappointing year for die hard VC collectors. What few gems managed to be released on the service were quickly surrounded by twenty-year old shovelware. Though first and second party VC titles aren’t always the cream of the crop, they most often live up to the original seal of quality. How many of those made it?


Correct. Only a meager six Nintendo published/developed games were made available on the Virtual Console in 2009. It’s understood that releasing too much of a good thing too quickly is unwise, but six titles in one year from an extraordinarily large game library? On a much more positive note, Square Enix and Capcom finally got their act together and brought a large selection of prime hits to the service.

Why the hold up Nintendo? Are you planning on dragging your catalog releases onto the Wii’s successor?

Oh and here’s a little 2009 VC pie for you…




  1. It’s not like I’ve ran out of VC games I want to buy or anything but those numbers are pretty terrible.
    I love the new games (WiiWare) but one of the biggest appeals of Wii for me was VC, being able to play all the old games I missed without pying the retro premium, and replay some old classics without having to spend 5 minutes blowing at the bottom of the cartridge to get the console to recognise it.
    Nintendo are totally wasting VC, just like they’re wasting WiiDS connect.

    Get your act together Nintendo!!!

  2. I wonder if there’s a lot of work that goes into getting games onto the Virtual Console. Maybe just the expense of getting it classified by the ESRB is enough to dissuade Nintendo from republishing the old gems.

    I also wonder how many people who asked “when will you release Smash Bros for N64?” actually bought it now that it’s out.

  3. Where is Pilotwings 64 dammit!

  4. There are so so so so so so many games on there I will never in my life be able to get to already, why would I want more? Seroiusly, you need to accept that we all dont have unlimited money and time. Sure there are a ton of games I would love to play that have no made it to the VC. The Wii’s been out 3 or so years and I’ve bought about 10 VC games, does that make he get a graph next to my name that say’s ‘Ouch’?

  5. It is expensive to get games on the VC since the legal rights have to be obtained and a new license approved since these games were never considered 10-25 years ago to be distributed in any way other than physical form. When you go into games such as the great CAPCOM versions of Disney licensed games… that is a whole other ballgame.

    Still, this was the year we got all the Star Wars AND the Indiana Jones SNES games, so it WAS a great VC year indeed…

  6. I agree with Kannon. I’ve bought quite a few VC games, but with Gamecube games I’ve picked up, Wiiware, and Wii disc games, I just don’t have time to play them all. Some people are never satisified. What diffrence does it make if the game is developed/published by Nintendo? A good game is a good game.

  7. I’m just glad we got Majora’s Mask.

  8. I just want more VC games in general… I mean, there are so many classics left un-released. The Arcade and Neo Geo sections are begging for more releases and the SNES and N64 are quite dry… Where is Turtles in Time?

  9. Yeah this was a real crazy stat. Someone forward this to Nintendo, because they really should release more first party on their.

  10. STILL waiting for Super Mario Kart 🙁

  11. Forget the stupid ESRB ratings!!! These games were fine to play 20+ years ago if people are “offended” by the content then dont let your kids buy them!
    There are such good titles for NES that havent been released…R.C. Pro-Am, Pro Wrestling, Commando, Solar Jetman, Jackal, Battle Toads, 1943, Iron Tank… The list goes on and on.
    Whats the point in releasing games no one is buying they have been releasing such crap recently i have been sitting on my Wii points for over 3 months now. i think releasing a classic game once a week may be a good idea, or maybe take a poll on Club Nintendo and ask the players what they want.

  12. Funny to use the “Not my problem.” picture of Reggie.

  13. So because some of you guys can’t afford or don’t have the time to play “all the VC games”, then the rest of us should accept that Nintendo is taking their sweet time releasing games? Yeah that makes perfect sense…

    I’d say the VC has been a mixed success. I’ve been able to pick up many of the games from my past a few ones I missed, but 3 years later if you told me we’d be still waiting on some of the games I’ve been looking forward to, I’d say WTF.

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