Nintendo Conference after thoughts

(Nintendo’s E3 2008 Press Conference has ended which focused around Wii Music, and sales numbers. Reggie did mention that both the Mario, and Zelda teams are hard at work on games, but besides that statement Nintendo didn’t really have much to show the ‘Veteran’ gamers. Animal Crossing City Folk, and GTA Chinatown Wars were pushed as the hardcore games, but that was it. I don’t mean to sound…ungrateful for what was shown. The software such as Wii Sports Resort looks like great fun as well as the new Wii microphone for Animal Crossing.

What do you think? Was the conference a bit of a let down, or does Animal Crossing fill your hardcore needs? I know I feel a bit disappointed.


  1. I feel as though it was a bit lack luster as well. I would have been pleased if they showed off either Disaster Day of Crisis or Project HAMMER with Wii MotionPlus capabilities. With just one “core game” I would have been fine. Now I only have Animal Crossing to look forward to the rest of the year. : /
    (I do love me some Animal Crossing though!)

  2. It was a little of a letdown to me. Animal Crossing was the highlight of it for me, but I enjoyed watching it.

  3. honestly, it was a huge disappointment.

    no star fox, no f zero, no icarus, no mother, no nothing. just a peripheral that they showed off in an ever-so-exciting wood cutting demo and animal crossing, which we all knew about anyway.

    i’m not even cynical as far as gamers go and i was legitimately really disappointed about the lack of games shown.

  4. What do I think? Well, I saw this coming since well before E3 2007. And now it’s here. So many people doubted me… I’m not really butthurt because of it though, as like I said I knew this was coming. Good thing I have a 360 and Spore to keep me company.

  5. WiiSpeak looked cool, but will it pick up the sound coming from the tv and will it be compatible with games like brawl and kart?

  6. Animal Crossing with voice support

    That Star Wars game looks fun

    Call of Duty 5 is looking smooth


    Wii Music looks totally awesome even though the chick butchered the marimba solo.

    I was overwhelmed, contrary to other fans.

  7. I think it’s simply a business show that MS and Sony still believe run the same way. Who “wins” due to “ownage” of “trailerz” is immaterial to the vast majority of investors looking on. Nintendo’s real meat was the sales numbers, and that’s what investors and most third parties will hear.

  8. meh

    it’s like theyre still pushing the wii60.

  9. “A bit” of a disappointment?

    This E3 was an EPIC fail on Nintendo’s part. It started well enough, with Animal Crossing, voice chat and GTA. But it all went downhill from there; we got a Wii Sports sequel, a music game we’ve known about for two years, and a new controller peripheral. And that’s it?!

    This whole “casual gamers” schtick has really run its course. I only hope that company has some surprises in store for the rest of the week. Casual gamers may make them money, sure, but the industry is still reliant on the core gamer. Nintendo needs to get with the program.

  10. Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 Showing
    By Ben

    Short answer: Meh.

    Long answer: Intriguing but not satisfying. There were so many rumors leading up to E3 this year around that Nintendo’s keynote would have had to be two hours long to address all of them. I understand that, and I think most of Nintendo’s fanbase does too. But the whole morning was full of disappointments, starting with Matt Casamassina’s admission that there would be no Kid Icarus and ending with Nintendo’s finest playing Wii Music up on the stage and looking like a bunch of apes. Other than Animal Crossing and Pokemon, which are barely a franchise and had a pitiful showing respectively, no major Nintendo franchises were tapped. Nothing from Zelda or Mario or Metroid or Donkey Kong or Pikmin or even Starfox was shown. No huge developments on the hardware front either – MotionPlus was nice, but most people were expecting a Wii2 or DS2, or at the very least a HDD for the Wii. Personally I’m not surprised by the lack of new consoles, but I honestly thought Nintendo would have at least a mock-up of a harddrive after hearing about Virtual Console and WiiWare related woes for months.

    Even a mention of The Conduit or other high profile third-party Wii titles would have been nice, but instead we got GTA DS. Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited for Chinatown Wars. It was a nice surprise. But it barely got a mention, and I would have much preferred Nintendo to give us more details on games we’re already excited for than to announced brand new games with little or no information other than a title and vague launch date.

    Oh well. Microsoft definitely owned Nintendo today. I guess I’ll go back to drooling over Resident Evil 5.

  11. It sucked, sad to say. A new WiiSports game is definitely welcome, but there was no meat whatsoever to this presentation. Animal Crossing is a little long in the tooth, this one will have to bring significant change to the table to interest me again, I don’t want to snowboard on the balance board, GTA on the DS is probably the last thing I’d play on that platform… just a lackluster presentation. I don’t think Nintendo puts the same emphasis on E3 as they once did. Strange that people are saying how great MS did, considering they showed off some Mii ripoffs, a new dashboard and several high profile games that are cross-platform, and not much else.

  12. I’m gonna take two angles at this press conference.

    1) Nintendo’s allowing 3rd parties to run with the Wii.

    Nintendo is driving the markes in many different fashions. From Nintendogs, Brain Age…to Wii Fit and Wii Music. While the are catering to the “new wave” audience…they are allowing 3rd parties to finally make some decent games without having Nintendo being the giant and the EXCUSE for their poor sales. If Nintendo sticks to relatively “casual” games, then 3rd parties have no excuses.

    There is also a full week left of the conference. If I recall, SSBB was teased at the very end of E3 a few years back. So it’s not unlike Nintendo do drop other games during the week.

    Also, Nintendo did say they were working on IP from the Mario and Zelda teams. Would I have liked to see some of what they were working on??? Sure. But at least they admitted it.

    2) This was very disappointing.

    On the other hand…I couldn’t be more upset. I don’t even mind the lack of “hardcore” games. I rarely play anymore as time is just not there. But come on!

    -No mention of WiiWare/VC
    -No mention of a storage solution
    -No visuals of said games the “core” teams were working on

    And a few other things…you have a little over an hour for your key note…and you choose Clone Wars, Rayman, and CoD as your three games to highlight! Pathetic.

    The storage solution is my biggest concern, but then they drop the WiiSpeak. How exactly will it work? Putting a mic on the top of a TV doesn’t explain how I will hear them or how they will hear me! If it comes out the TV…I just don’t see that working. Again, should have spent more time explaining things.

  13. Totally sucked…
    Microsoft sucked too.

    And i dont see Sony doing any better.

  14. I just wanna add..
    Gaming industry is OUT of balance,
    4 of the most expecting games of 360 are:
    Halo Wars

    4 freaking shooters.

    and all Nintendo Conference was about cuteness, nothingness, laziness pushing buttons randomly = instant music, casualness.. and more female market = more cooking guides 😉

    we are heading two extremes.

  15. Wii Music Looks Awesome. Wii Sports 2 looks fun. COD could be good. Star Wars might be good.

    Overall not that great 🙁

  16. Congrats Nintendo. You made me want a PS3.

  17. Considering that I already own a PS3 (and a limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 one at that), I really hope Sony pulls out something here, because I’m going to own all of 2 games for that system at the rate we’re going, and one came with the initial package. Not exactly a high point in my gaming life right now.

  18. Animal Crossing does look badass, and the voicechat solution is needed for when The Conduit drops, seems like everyone is forgetting that we actually got voice-chat.

    Game-wise, yeah I’m disappointed. Animal Crossing looks like the cat’s pajamas, and the sword fighting game looked alright. Can’t shake the feeling that I wish WiiMotion Plus should have unveiled with a Lightsabre game though, there is still time.

    I expected more simulation modes from Wii Music, maybe time will show us some of them, but so far the only competent looking musical software on the device seems to be the Drum Sim. Waggle for music doesn’t seem to have the gameplay that say, Bowling, Tennis, or Golf did, you know? Maybe there will be a stellar lineup within Sport-Resort, maybe.

    I don’t know, I was expecting a bone to be thrown from a core franchise. Well, on the plus side sans-Nintendo titles I have more budget opened up for 3rd party games. In conclusion, disappointed, but cautiously optimistic.

  19. Where is my F-Zero? That was BS.

  20. Ugh? How did I get to Destructoid?!?!?!?!

    The E3 press conference is not what it once was. The market is not what it once was. Nintendo’s userbase has grown because of games like Wii Sports and Wii Music. Highlighting ongoing strategies to MAKE MORE MONEY was the purpose of this presentation. Appealing to the online gamersphere was NOT a priority.

    Why would Nintendo waste time at thier E3 presentation showcasing games to the gamersphere? Those games will be on the floor and all over the internet tomorrow. The press conferance is for buyers and investors; people looking to MAKE MONEY from the expanded audience Nintendo has targeted so effectively.

    The gamershpere has to get over the fact that they are not the target audience anymore. Gaming is going mainstream, and marketing MUST focus on those potential customers who are not watching a Live Blog of the press conference and expressing their disappointment afterwards. The forthcoming Kid Icarus game will sell many copies to the gamersphere, but Wii Music has the potential to sell 10X as many copies to the new market.

    There will be more stuff coming; the stuff we are waiting for. Core games, an unglamourous storage solution, maybe a publisher for The Conduit. You cannot fault Nintendo for not focusing on these items during their press conferance. They focused on the products that will make for good soundbytes on the evening news and the Today Show, where they will reach thier new market customers. The rest of us will be surfing the internet for the next three days anyway.

  21. I’m excited for Animal Crossing, but I dunno if I would ever consider it a “core” game. Rushlion does make a good point; maybe Nintendo is trying to lay low on games for now so that 3rd party can put their money where their mouth is.

  22. “but most people were expecting a Wii2 or DS2, or at the very least a HDD for the Wii.”

    Thanks just crazy, they even tell you sales numbers so your expectations are a big “no”. And they answer the HDD question, all the time what did you expect.

    I’m surprised at you guys calling Animal Crossing a hardcore game. what?

    Nintendo is focusing in the people that like to buy fun games or shovelware as you guys call it. Consider “hardcore” games done and taking a backseat to the new stuff. They will be announced sooner or later don’t don’t expect them to be the main event at E3 anymore.

    If you want hardcore go to Microsoft. Nintendo is into another thing now. And their games have never been “hardcore” they have always been the “family” games with the expections of Perfect Dark and that junkie Rare squirrel game, that even made fun of Nintendo, I’m surprised no one remembers Nintendo having to bend over backwards for 30 year olds and don’t even buy the games and rant all the time…

  23. And again, so many people fail to see the forest through the trees. The technology was the showcase here, not the games (which will sell regardless of the curious bellyaching above). The games were mere demos, even if they are in fact being released as full fledged titles. 1:1 motion controls? That’s not a big deal? I don’t see any other highly successful game companies doing it (well, not until Sony copies it later today). And yet, we eagerly dismiss the implications because it wasn’t a new Zelda, or some other selfish BS.

    Did anyone see the third party release list yet? How about the fact that a GTA is coming the DS? Or the fact that Call of Duty on the Wii has been described to me today as “pretty sharp” or easy on the eyes? It’s another WW2 game? So what? Let’s see how it performs with 1:1 IR pointing before we do the easy thing and complain on the message boards about how Zelda wasn’t revealed today in HD. They should have released new hardware? Why the f would they do that? If you want to fail in business, take that advice, and release new hardware when your current hardware is blowing the competition out the water, tossing them in the air, and doing combo juggling like Eddie Gordo. Idiocy.

    I’d love for someone to somehow create this mythical game Nintendo “should have” released today. E3 is dying, and for anyone to think this press conference would have been Megaton is deluding themselves. Microsoft had a megaton announcement (Final Fantasy) because they HAD to. They copied Mii’s, redid Live to compete with Nintendo, and showcased the flash-in-the-pan high budget titles we’ve seen time and again for the past three years. That presser, by all indications, was laughed off the stage until the very last moment (again, Final Fantasy, and yes, people were openly laughing at MS during the conference). And guess what? It’s not going to do anything. It’s going to sell 8 million copies and then drop off the map and not push any new hardware, just like GTA4 and Metal Gear. Meanwhile, Mario Kart DS is in the top 10 in multiple territories!

    Nintendo at E3? They could have paraded around the stage waving their arms and the result would have been the same. Oh, that’s what they did, and the technology they showcased you can bet has hundreds of developers writing on cocktail napkins the world over. 1:1 throttle controls that mimic exactly what you’re doing? Arm movements transferred to screen exactly as they occur in real time? What Nintendo did was officially hand off major development to third parties today–just like they did with the DS. With all that money they made in the first two years, they can now branch our with new tech and ideas, and pioneer new paradigms. Oh, what do you know, that’s EXACTLY what Iwata said in his keynote today! Why bother remembering that, however, when we can lambaste Nintendo for not delivering us title XXX. I also find it funny that we are now attacking Nintendo for a sub par showing at E3 when up until this point it was cool to attack Nintendo for having a monopoly over development. Now the third parties are taking over, and Nintendo is going its own way. By all means, let’s flip flop and attack them for the opposite thing now.

    I officially give up. There was tons of cool new tech on display today, and dozens of “core” games. All the complaints I’ve seen thus far have been by people who did not see what they wanted or predicted would happen at E3. Who’s fault is that? Nintendo, or yours?

  24. “This whole “casual gamers” schtick has really run its course. I only hope that company has some surprises in store for the rest of the week. Casual gamers may make them money, sure, but the industry is still reliant on the core gamer. Nintendo needs to get with the program.”

    LOL. Check the profits for Sony, MS, and Nintendo, then get back to us about who really needs to get with the program. Last I checked, Nintendo was doing just fine.

    I agree with you so much — people are missing the point of E3. Nintendo wasn’t focusing on the exclusive game announcements for titles like Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero, Wii Sports 2, Wii Music and others… they were focusing on the new features and potential that any future games could benefit from. Voice chat and 1:1 motion controls? Awesome!

  25. I will have to admit after E3 I foresee my Wii not getting much playtime; I have actually been persuaded to buy a 360.

  26. Jack, you’re way out of line and reaching. There was little emphasis on 1:1 motion controls, the 3rd party release list is largely shovelware, GTA on the DS is strangely out of line with Nintendo’s general strategy, another shooter,even with 1:1 controls isn’t much to write home about. I challenge you to actually document the “tons” of cool new tech on display, because I only see the microphone and precision enhancer, which are certainly nice, but don’t make up for the sheer lack of substance in the presentation. Look at my earlier complaint, and tell me I was demanding a Zelda title, or something else along those lines. You can’t. I didn’t like Nintendo’s presentation because there just wasn’t that much to it, and what was shown largely wasn’t compelling. It was more chest beating than anything.

  27. ejamer: With all due respect, dude, why do you care about Nintendo’s profit margins? Nintendo is making bank. Big deal. I care about having good games, games that appeal to gamers like me…something Nintendo seems to not be so preoccupied with these days.

    It’s not like the hardcore are some tiny niche of retarded gamers asking for the world. It’d be nice if Nintendo acknowledged that market, too.

  28. “tons of cool new tech”

    As someone in the conference said,
    tech without software = nothing.
    And they show two casual games for the “new tech”…
    a one that in my eyes, doesn’t looked 1:1. (WIISBR)

    It was super easy to Nintendo to show us a little more, even a glimpse of a new Zelda, some Conduit footage, hell, even WarioShake… etc…

    We all know that is inevitable to N to bring Star Fox, Pikmin, Zelda, Metroid, DK etc… we all know that.. , we all know that his is more like a business meeting were you brag about console sales, and “disrupting” technology, for your loyal investors and 3dparty partners, the problem with this kind of meetings, is that N is focusing too much to one side of the audience… the new adopters, the new “gamers” and IGNORING us, the loyal gamers since NES or GC (doesn’t matter)
    That is MPO

  29. astonishingly pathetic.
    humiliating, even.

    i was embarrassed for Shigeru Miyamoto playing that fake midi sax and sounding, just, well… i can barely even say it about my hero. It sounded awful. That’s not music, for anyone who knows anything about music.

    The only promising announcement was made yesterday before the show even happened. Let’s hope the MotionPlus attachment actually makes the Wii Remote work like we were all duped into believing it did two years ago. Wii Sports 2 is a good start, but it had better have some real sports and not just frisbee toss to dog minigames. Let’s hope third party devs haven’t given up because of this conference, and that someone will give us the groundbreaking gameplay we’re starving for.

  30. “As someone in the conference said, tech without software = nothing.”

    Exactly! Did you get that quote from 2006? I seem to remember people describing the Wiimote that way. Or was that quote Google’d from 2004, when the Nintendo DS phat was revealed? I can’t be sure. Help a brother out, would you?

  31. OMG… that drummer who first demoed Wii Music was soooo bad. Maybe it said more about the accuracy of Wii Music and less about his actual drumming abilities but his performance was so awkward it was really uncomfortable to watch. Then to have all of those execs on stage shaking their hips and swaying with invisible instruments… oh it was too much.

  32. “With all due respect, dude, why do you care about Nintendo’s profit margins?”

    Because it proves a point. Read the whole post above, and that should be obvious… if not, then I’ll spell it out below.

    To make that much profit, Nintendo have to move some serious hardware *and* software — which is exactly what they have been doing ever since Wii was first released. Microsoft and Sony have pandered to the core gamer, and neither system is anywhere near as popular or as profitable. (That said, all three systems are “winners”… just to different degrees and for different audiences.)

    My comments about Nintendo’s bottom line was:
    (1) a gentle way to say that millions of people are loving what Nintendo offers
    (2) a direct rebuttal to claims that Nintendo needs to get with the program,
    (3) a wake-up call to any delusion “core gamers” who think that the gaming industry is either reliant or indebted to them

    Hope that clears things up.

  33. @ Derek
    Don’t you see? On the Wii we ARE a niche! Mario Galaxy may never outsell wiiplay. that’s why wiisports2 is their big news. That’s why they explicitly acknowledge their casual consumers.

    I’m hoping others are right about the big announcements coming later in the show. hehe- if i ever buy a wii plastic peripheral, it’s gonna be a proton pack. maybe a ghost trap and pke meter too… ecto1… a firehouse with substandard wiring in a demilitarized zone and… HEY! does this pole still work??

    i always used to think nintendo was great at fanservice. but now that fanservice is less profitable…. we get dog frisbee. thank god for gta ds. tons of potential there, given touch screens and wifi.

    oh- and nintendo pulling out of xxx games making so 3rd parties can step up? not.a.chance.

    sry- but nintendo isn’t a nice parent trying to raise unruly 3rd party children with tough love. Nintendo wants games that sell on its console, and games that sell its console. Which is why we see virtual violin and minigames2- cause that clearly sells. Besides, as soon as we see any hint of hardcore fanservice, let’s pray we do, you’ll all forget about the “laying low” concept.

  34. @ ejmaer… you don’t wish nintendo had pandered to core gamers a little more today? i know i do….

  35. I thought Nintendo did a great job. My hope fo rWiiMotion Plus is that it will address the challenges that third parties have had incorporating motion control into their games.

    I’ve never played Animal Crossing, but I’m definitely excited for Wii Sports 2 and Wii Music. Both seem just like Wii Sports – fun games that you can get enjoyment from in 5 minutes or 5 hours.

    I want to see video of COD WW – hopefully it will be better than COD 3.

  36. Meh.

    The fanboys will praise Nintendo for this offering, as they always do, and proclaim everyone else completely crazy for not seeing how revolutionary Nintendo is being.

    The non-fanboy saw exactly what it was, a pretty lackluster showing. It’s pretty clear to me as Ricther said, Nintendo did some chest beating and mailed in this performance.

    And BTW, RE5 is not a “shooter” and neither is Halo Wars. And I’m laughing that for some reason the other guys are doing the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” yet you wet your pants for a Wii Sports sequel.

  37. i was a bit let down, but i think i also pumped myself up for it as did a lot of others. which there is nothing wrong with speculation and rumors it keeps us giddy as school girls. but then you have to remember it was our fault for wishing so hard. just because you want a bike with laser beams and a subwoofer for xmas doesn’t mean santa’s gonna bring it. poor us…

  38. Wii Sports is still the best game on the Wii. It’s all about the control being engaging and fun. The only real contender that I know of is Metroid (in terms of fun control). I haven’t played Boom Blox yet, however.

    I’ve been rethinking what happened this morning… Iwata and Miyamoto may be geniuses after all. They are playing for all the marbles in a billion dollar stakes poker game. They may have the best poker face I’ve ever seen: they’ve just convinced Sony and M$ they’re holding a pair of sixes when they have three kings hidden in their hand.

  39. @Jack:
    YES. i agree with EVERYTHING you said.

    @most the other people
    look nintendo didnt need to make a big deal about this the hardware (motion+ and Voice) will do all the talking when 3rd party developers go crazy with it.

    great job but what about voice in SSBB or MKwii????????? if you don’t do that then your stupid. its a major thing.

    maybe hte code for the voice thingy is already IN ssbb and will appear when you plug in voice thingy. i know its a shot in the dark but why make your best selling games THEN release this voice thingy? seems daft, nintendo are NOT daft

  40. “@most the other people
    look nintendo didnt need to make a big deal about this the hardware (motion+ and Voice) will do all the talking when 3rd party developers go crazy with it.”

    Oh yeah….just like they went crazy with the Wiimote and the Wii in general.

  41. I just wanted to see more gameplay in Wii Music, was that too much to ask, Jack? The drum sim looked incredible, I just want to know what else I’ll be playing.

    I remain optimistic about the possibilities WMP and an ACTUAL VOICE CHAT SOLUTION provide. It is marginally frustrating to see Nintendo slowly, and I emphasize slowly build tiers for everyone. It was too high of expectation, but I was soooo close to having all of my E3 predictions come true. Tier 1, Wii Music (got a bonus of Sports Resort); Tier 2, Animal Crossing; Tier 3, Kirby, Wario; Tier 4, Kid Icarus.

    Those were my predictions, minus Wii Sports 2 (who honestly could have seen that coming? I was totally expecting Winter Wii Sports). Maybe Captain Rainbow? or Pikmin can still be shown off to you press guys behind closed doors?

  42. “Exactly! Did you get that quote from 2006? I seem to remember people describing the Wiimote that way. Or was that quote Google’d from 2004, when the Nintendo DS phat was revealed? I can’t be sure. Help a brother out, would you?”

    And im still waiting for a decent sports game *besides* WiiSports, for the wiimote,

    DS is another story, such an amazing little handheld, to bad it doesnt have a decent texture filter 😉

    The problem is simple. I invest my money on the Wii expecting something, my money is too valuable to me. Nintendo promised new forms to play games, to new and *old* gamers, they have tons of franchised that i use to love, and i am still waiting for bloom of the full potential N promise me for my money.

    I dont care about trees, or bushes or shortsighted people, i dont care if Wii has more games (sholveware) than other consoles, i want to be pleased as a customer, that is how business work. Im not asking something like Mario Galaxy 2 for 99cents, im just asking a little consideration for N to show GOOD games like they use to make, and show them in a meeting where they are suppose to show us.

    It is so simple

    And this is not about industry analyst, is about fans…
    Beside Galaxy, TP and MP, Brawl was a disappointment, Mario Kart Wii was a disappointment in a lot of departments, they both ARE STILL FUN, i admit it as a have both, and still occasionally play both, but are trailing a lot of disgust of a lot of N owners… if MK Wii is selling lots is because the ones who are buying it are all this expanded new gamers market, who doesn’t care to much for some of the things that made MK previous version really good.

    and this is becoming a problem, because, again N is starting to ignore us… ¿why not simply prepare a demo of a Zelda sword play with the new “Motion +”? to hard?, because N treats this thing with more secrecy than the Pentagon?

    Why not a NSSB2,, hell even Kirby Super S for the DS,
    why not conduit, why not EXPAND this conference with different kind of games, 1party games, not 3d. They claim to reach every person out there to bring them fun… well i dont see that, because 9/10 person who have a Wii and is not a “nha” gamer, is unpleased with the meeting.

    You talk about games that make boom and then fade, GTA, MGS4, FFXIII, … i really don’t understand this kind of thinking.. it is too number minded, those games are important to the people who are having fun with it…. at the same rate of the people who are still buying a wii fit and quit 2 weeks before because they lose interest. (insert Japanese Poll in here)

    If i own a PS3 or 360, i will DO Care for those games, and i DONT care if it sells or not.
    And that is the point, ¿Do N care for everybody, or only for the ones who can extract the more profit?

    There are sometimes when a master, genius, artful game come to shake generations of gamers. But basically we always have 2 kind of game-thinking.. the games that sell, and the games that give me entertainment (some times they are the same). And so far, Nintendo IS NOT entertain everyone as they promised, neither they are giving that entertainment a long life as some people think.

    Brain Age, Nintendogs, Sonic and Mario Olympics, Mario Kart DS etc can be in the top spot of selling games over more than a year, that is because DS is selling like underwear…. not because the games are (or arent) good…. (im not salling all of them suck)

    Again this is my opinion, i dont think that EVERY thing that nintendo do is awesome, or intelligent, or incredibly business wise, they are show over the time the can go wrong, and be shortsighted…. really shortsighted.


  43. I’m disappointed because I was hoping for a storage solution and a new Kid Icarus-game and a new Punch Out-game for Wii. I was hoping to learn more about that Disaster-game as well. I hope that Nintendo will release Wiimotes with the motion+ built in and make them with a bigger D-pad (the size of SNES D-pad!)! So Animal Crossing will be using Friend Codes!?! 🙁 That’s stupid beyond belief!!! 🙁 Haven’t Nintendo listened to our complaints?! Do Nintendo want me to punish them by stop buying games and download them instead?!?! It sure looks like it!!

  44. “And BTW, RE5 is not a “shooter” and neither is Halo Wars”

    Sorry, i thought you have to kill zombies and “aliens” in those games.
    My mistake.

  45. In a way, I kind of had a gut-wrenching suspicion yesterday that Nintendo was going to stab themselves in the foot BIG TIME just like they did back in E3 2003, and today I was right! The whole Nintendo Press Conference blew chunks except for Animal Crossing: City Folk , GTA: Chinatown Wars & Wii Music. Wii Sports Resort REALLY was a disturbing surprise for me. Where’s my football, hockey & basketball in the game instead of frisbee throw with pups. C’MON!!

    I do like the Wii Speak device that let’s you be able to chat with other people online, but I do agree with Ben, instead of having it where you need to put FCs in to chat with other people,…. please don’t do that just for the WHOLE GAME! I want to be able to talk to other people around the world and possibly form clans for other games, also, and just chat.

    Last but not least, where was the game video line-up for all the games being presented there. No new Mario or new Zelda games. Heck, where was Mario & Luigi 3 for Wii or DS, Pikmin 3, Kid Icarus Wii, even though I wasn’t to excited for that one. And my Mario Hoops sequel. I said it before in IRC and I’ll say it again. Something about the Press Conference is still up in mystery just waiting to be answered at Tokyo Game Show 2008. Until then, I hope something of a miracle is still there at E3 on the Show Floor to save what happened to the 75 to 78% of the Press Conference. -__-

  46. @deepthought: “oh- and nintendo pulling out of xxx games making so 3rd parties can step up? not.a.chance. ”

    Who the hell said that crazy statement you just quoted? I seem to remember someone, being me, saying that Nintendo was once again branching off into new areas (read: “pioneering”), and that 3rd parties were now free to develop games for the incredibly solid platform Nintendo had established for them (just as they had done with the DS). But I can recall nothing like what you just quoted anywhere above, let alone anyone saying anything about Nintendo pulling out of developing anything.

    Original quote: “What Nintendo did was officially hand off major development to third parties today–just like they did with the DS. With all that money they made in the first two years, they can now branch our with new tech and ideas, and pioneer new paradigms. Oh, what do you know, that’s EXACTLY what Iwata said in his keynote today!”

    Looking at what Nintendo showed, that being games showcasing their new tech, my original statement was pretty much on the money. The third party applications, like GTA, Raving Rabbids, etc, were all “traditional” games representing a surging third party effort.

    Also, let’s not forget there are plenty of third party pressers coming up soon. This conference isn’t just keynotes, btw.

  47. @ Carlos

    I think most people think of RE5 as ‘horror survival’, either a sub genre of fps or something different entirely. Plus it’s in third person (i know, kinda technical- i think fps and 3ps like mercs and gow are really getting quite similar). Halo Wars, though, is a RTS.

    Also, the 360 has some good nonshooters in the lineup. Final Fantasy alone made a lot of fantasies come true.

    I like your rant though. Let’s hope Ninny busts out something big later this week!

  48. That conference fucking blew. I’m about as hardcore a Nintendo fan as it gets without being a fanboy who will never criticize them, but that was just shameful the way they ignored their core audience like that.

    I mean, we KNOW there is more “hardcore” stuff coming out. Kirby DS, Fatal Frame, Wario Land, Professor Layton…and they completely friggin’ ignored even THAT. They could have at LEAST thrown us a bone and officially previewed those games.

    I realize E3 never has been meant for ‘hardcore’ gamers, but was instead more of a trade show type insider/retailer event…but still…they KNOW their core audience is watching. It’s obscene to act like we, the folks who supported them for the past 12 years when things were grim, don’t even exist.
    For the first time in forever, it appears that by all accounts I’m not going to be buying/receiving any videogames this coming Christmas. That’s just amazing when I think about it.

    Seriously…they have to do some damage control quick…another media summit or SOMETHING has to come SOON. Granted, I was honestly expecting big, big things from this (which I knew was a mistake, but I couldn’t help myself), but there’s no two ways about it…this showing just flat out blew goat gnads.
    I love Nintendo, but they’re on the verge of losing MY heart and mind after that fucking joke of a conference – words I never thought I’d say (or type, as the case may be).

  49. The conference was simply confirmation Nintendo has moved on.

  50. @ jack
    I think I had Rushli0n’s comment in mind:
    ‘they are allowing 3rd parties to finally make some decent games without having Nintendo being the giant and the EXCUSE for their poor sales. If Nintendo sticks to relatively “casual” games, then 3rd parties have no excuses.’

    ok- gotta go celebrate July 16th! I’ll have a drink for all you fellows stuck in the states! 😉 Cheers!

  51. I have no money, I have a life, and I have less time to play. The only reason I would buy another video game is if Nintendo revived the Punch Out! franchise using a refined control scheme from the Wii Sports Boxing. Either that or some game that is jawdropping aaaand I have to say… Wii Music didn’t cut it for me. In a field flooded with popular games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, how can Nintendo convince people that theirs is worth buying? That you need no musical experience or ability to hit buttons at the right time? I’m sorry but it seems to me like childsplay. I’m nintendo fanboy, but I still can’t go along with this one, maybe the drumming but the rest is… dull. Wii Sports sequel seemed refreshing but why were those games the ones chosen to go on display? Honestly, I thought Wii Sports was a template of some sort to show 3rd party developers how to make use of the wii ramote and give customers a demo or trial of what was to come. The wii remote has become a mini game gimmick that has no sophistication. Granted, nintendo chooses to make risks and not just “whoring” up the games with its graphics to make them sell well, but the possibilities are endless and they do nothing. Nintendo games take a while to make, but when its just waving the remote around what is the point spending so much time on the quality? Just shoot them out like the 3rd party developers. (is there a My Little Pony wii game yet?) Maybe if nintendo does that they might eventually send one out thats gold.

  52. @Final Fantasy alone made a lot of fantasies come true. @

    Completely agree

  53. Personally I was not expecting much from this years Nintendo E3 announcements. Its nice to hear about the new Wii sports, Wii music, and I a cant wait for sim city and GTA chinatown wars…on Wii!!! The new accessories are cool as well, mic etc. I was not expecting to hear anything about Mario, Zelda, or Metroid…its too early for that new stuff, considering almost everything good came out in about the first year, which was a nice gesturer from Nintendo. So no let down, just what I expected.

  54. As in the last post I agree with Luigifan14,except for CoD5 of course.I guess I’ll be doing a lot of chores for the next year,I’ve been slacking off lately.

  55. @Carlos
    You’re mixing Spanish grammar with English!

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