LIVE! Nintendo Press Conference E3 2008


Hit the ‘Continue Reading’ link to watch a live up-to-date blog of the Nintendo press Conference at E3 2008. All you simply need to do is refresh this post every once in a while for fresh updates. I’ll try to provide you with as many details as possible, but news will be coming in fast. I’ll also try to get trailers up as fast as possible. Patience. So here’s nothing!

10:10 – Thanks for sticking with Infendo and maybe we’ll hear more announcements over the next few days.

10:09 – Conference over. talk about a letdown. no Hardcore titles

10:08 – Reggie says copy cats of the Wii and DS are on the loose

10:08 – Reggie says Wii isn’t a fad

10:07 – Dunaway blabs about more pokemon

10:07 – Recap of the games they just announce

10:06 – Reggie back on stage

10:05 – btw…they all look like idiots on stage

10:04 – Shiggy, drummer, and others play a Wii Music song together: Super Mario Brothers

10:03 – Many modes in Wii Music including Orchestra mode, and others. Will record videos of their performances.

10:02 – Explains Wii Balance board use with Drums. Comes with drum tutorials

10:01 – Shiggy shows off motions for Guitar, Piano, Violin, Percussion

9:59 – Miyamoto explains that when playing sax all he does is hit a button which will set your time with music. over 50 instruments in Wii Music.

9:58 – Explaining Wii Music game

9:57 – Shiggy is heading Wii music

9:56 – Miyamoto on stage playing Wii music with 1 remote and his Mii is playing a sax

9:55 – a guy is playing Wii music drum set with remote and nunchuk and base drum with balance board

9:54 Wii Sports resort releases spring 2009, and showing off wii music

9:53 – Wii motionplus being used with Third parties

9:50 – Reggie playing a jetski game were you use remote and nunchuk with throttle

9:48: Playing Frisbee game with Mii and having a dog catch it. VERY 1:1 movements

9:47: Wii Sports Resort for Wii packaged with motionPlus, and new Remote jacket

9:47 – MotionPlus software: coming

9:46 – Reggie back on stage and talks about MotionPlus ” Makes Wii remote more responsive”

9:44 – Dunaway talks about social uses with DS on planes, Baseball parks, kichen, blah, blah, blah

9:44 – Will be based in Liberty city…that’s all the facts

9:43 – GTA Cinatown War for DS!!!!!!!

9:42 – Dunaway says a New Pokemon Rangers game coming

9:41 – Guitar Hero On Tour Decades will have song create mode. Spore DS will be out this year and takes advantage of touch screen.

9:39: Getting ready to show of new third party DS games including: Guitar Hero on Tour Decades, Spore, and more coming

9:39 – BTW: CoD5 for Wii looks amazing

9:38 – Dunaway back on stage ” That’s only half showing at E3″

9:35 – Showing of 3 new Wii games: 1) Star Wars CloneWars 2) Rayman Raving Rabbids 3)Call of Duty World at war

9:34 – “Will Wii be for casual gamers, or Hardcore? All of the above”

9:34 – “Says third parties are doing well”

9:33 – “Nintendo approached game development on 2 fronts: Hardcore, and casual”

9:32 – Runs through amazing Wii sales numbers, and is building towards something

9:31 – Reggie says “female commercials boosted sales”

9:30 – Reggie says pokemon pwns DS sales

9:30 – Many thought 2007 was the peak year for DS, but wrong

9:29 – Reggie runs through DS and Wii sales charts

9:28: Reggie says “Veteran gamers hungry”

9:28 Animal Crossing City Folk to be on US shelves by end of 2008 packed with Microphone

9:28 Reggie takes stage to kick butt

9:27 Very similar stuff as other Animal Crossing games, but strong push with communication.

9:26 – A community microphone that sits on TV to allow 2 rooms of playes around the world to talk with each other

9:25 – can write letters to other players, NPCs , and MICROPHONE!

9:24 Big city in Animal Crossing City Folk which has a crap load to do

9:23 ANIMAL CROSSING City Folk comes to Wii 2008 , looks similar

9:22 – Animal Crossing DS interview, but building to Wii version

9:22 – New social aspect planned and more content

9:21 – “We at Nintendo are Pioneers”

9:21 – Iwata: “We must find more ways to engage players”

9:21 – Talks of bridge titles: mario Kart, Guitar Hero III

9:20 – Want to continue breaking space between gamers and non-gamers

9:19 – Europe is buying an average of 200,000 DS units a week

9:18 – Iwata is building towards something

9:17 – “userbase has expanded to old farts” (Not actual quote)

9:16 – Internal Zelda and Mario teams are working hard on titles

9:15 – Iwata runs through some sales talk. Talks about long leg sales for big franchises like Mario, Brain age, nintendogs.

9:14 – He goes on to talk about the success of Wii Fit

9:13 – Iwata takes stage and explains Nintendo’s future and change

9:12 – Game out by year end

9:11 – Dunaway jumps on balance board to play with Shaun

9:11 Developed by Ubisoft

9:11 – Using Wii Fit Board with snowboarding which “Enhances the gameplay”

9:10 – Shaun White on stage playing Shaun white snow boarding

9:09 – She tells her experience with fun snowboarding ???

9:08 – Dunaway (spelling) takes stage to talk about her sons wii experiance

9:07 – Screen shows people playing Wii experiance

9:06 – Starting!

9:05 – Ahhhh almost time!

9:00 – Any second now

8:54 – Almost time! I’m prepared to soil myself!

8:51 – Waiting…

8:46 – Still waiting…techno music is loud

8:40 – Kodak Theater is filling up. People are mingling around