Will the 3DS bring forth GameCube ports?


While there’s been no confirmation from Nintendo, the general consensus suggests the 3DS will be capable of GameCube quality graphics. If this is true, GameCube ports will be inevitable. But until Nintendo’s presentation tomorrow, all of this is only speculation.

Personally, I’d sell my soul for Wind Waker or Twilight Princess on the 3DS. What games would you like to see ported?


  1. The only one’s I truly want for the 3DS via Gamecube Port is probably Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine.

  2. Yo, I still want Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo DS.

  3. Metroid Prime, Smash Bros Melee, Pikmin, too much to pick from…

  4. I hope.

  5. You guys find the best images for your articles. lol

  6. Ocarina of time I’d sell my soul for it.

  7. I wouldn’t sell my soul for GCN ports. I think that it wouldn’t aid the system much IMO. As far as what games I WOULD get for it easy:

    Eternal Darkness
    Tales of Symphonia
    Baten Kaitos 1 & 2
    MGS Twin Snakes
    and maybe the Zelda games.

    I would say Smash Bros. But I’d rather just see a new Smash Bros game made specifically for the DS rather than a port because then at least I could potentially play online with a new one over a remake.

    Pikmin I think could work if they were to just change the entire control scheme to take advantage of the touch screen for commands and movement.

  8. Eternal Darkness is an excellent choice, but i’d enjoy a portable Rebel Strike much better.
    Mario Sunshine would be awesome too.

  9. I might buy a 3DS just to play Wind Waker again.

  10. This is all assuming the 3DS really comes with an analog stick.

    I’d love to see a port of Super Mario Sunshine, expanded for the 3DS the way Super Mario 64 was expanded for the DS, but I think it’s more likely that Nintendo would find a way to strip down the Super Mario Galaxy engine to Gamecube levels.

    I’d play Wind Waker on a portable too, but I don’t think they’ll do that after having released sequels to Wind Waker on the DS already. It’d be awesome if they did a 3D version of Ocarina with updated graphics, and I could almost say it’s likely, the same way they did “DX” versions of 15-year-old NES games for the Game Boy Color.

    Finally, from out of left field, I’d love to see an enhanced port of Chibi Robo. It was already a really great game, and I think the scale at which you see the world in it would be really well suited to a 3D translation.

    But just as we only saw a few N64 ports to the DS, I think we’re only going to see a few Gamecube ports to the 3DS, if any. Unlike the DX games on Game Boy Color, all these games I mention were designed to be played sitting in front of the TV for hours at a time. Nintendo will differentiate themselves with the iPhone by providing more than just “bite-size experiences”, but I still think they’ll be focusing on games that are designed for the 3DS the way they focused on games designed for the DS.

  11. I hope that the 3DS includes some kind of analog nub/stick, otherwise ports of gamecube and maybe even wii games (galaxy) will suffer a lot. The Game Boy Advance was a beefed up Super Nes but only featured two face buttons instead of four, which made porting Super Nes titles difficult and worsened the contro schemes of games like Mario World or a link to the past. The DS was even worse in that respect: a portable N64 without an analog stick: The DS version of Mario 64 would have been MUCH BETTER with some king of analog stick or nub like the one of the PSP, which is not perfect but works decently. The lack of analog nub/stick on the DS also explains why we haven’t seen Ocarina of time on the console. So I really hope that Nintendo will include some sort of analog nub or control on the 3DS. With some luck the 3DS will be as powerful as the Wii. Some people wish for HD graphics, but HD graphis are pointless on a small portable screen. On such a small screen it’s imposible to view HD anyway.

  12. A Smash Bros game specifically built for it from the ground up would be better than a port. Still playable without an analog stick (SSBB with wiimote only) although its not preferable.

  13. Even without you mentioning it, I would have said Wind Waker. I’ve always wanted to carry that around, and can you imagine if they were able to make it 3D? That would be awesome.

  14. Please, no more ports. New game instead.
    How many times Nintendo think they can sell the same game to people? One with GC, two with the Wii and now three with 3DS? Please no. New games instead.

  15. I would like to see (besides LOZ WW, and LOZ TP) Mario Kart DD, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee… (can’t think of any others)

    However I would rather these become downloadable over the Wii Shop Channel, or on the next consoles Shop Channel, rather then on the 3DS

  16. Maybe it’s because of the backward compatibility on the Wii but I feel that the Gamecube is a generation too close to already be getting ported games on the 3DS…

  17. If they do make ports, I would probably not buy any of them, being that I already have all the games for the GC I want. Also, if I had a Wii, I could still play my GC games on it, so it’s kinda like they are still new games.

    I agree with EdEN. It’s way to early for that. Maybe with the next handheld.

  18. We only saw one N64 port on the DS, we’ll probably get one GC port on the 3DS. Just sayin…

  19. wow devs are saying its as powerful if not more powerful than ps3 so im thinking wii graphics in full 3D basically Monster hunter 3 graphics in 3D and in normal mode u can get ps3 + graphics thats what i read off it so far.

  20. I want Metroid Prime 1 and 2 on the 3ds. And of course Super Smash Bros wouldn’t be that bad either.

  21. Luigi’s mansion

  22. Psp ports…..all monster hunters to 3DS

  23. Technically, if it can port GameCube, it should be able to port some early Wii titles too.

    Mechanically speaking, the Wii isn’t “that” much more powerful than the GameCube… really…

  24. Not wanting to sound rude or offend anyone, but I am personally pretty gull-durn SICK of ports and remakes. PLEASE NINTENDO! Don’t force us to re-buy our games for the 3DS just because of a few extra enhancements and what not. GIVE US NEW GAMES! Or better yet, GIVE US BRAND NEW VIDEO GAME SERIES!!!!!

  25. I’d like to see Windwaker, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, Luigi’s Mansion, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Billy Hatcher and Sonic Heroes. And any new/expanded version of SSB in 3D.

  26. No unless it is F-Zero GX.

    At which point it should be a new F-Zero..

    or AX/GX. where its not fricking impossible to unlock the AX tracks.

  27. As was said above, I would do anything for 3DS ports of Metroid Prime 1 and 2…

  28. The only game I want to see on the DS… AND I STILL DON’T KNOW WHY THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED IT YET……

    SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. i’d like to have on my 3ds all resident evil games like re 0 re rebirth re 2 re 3 re 4!
    i’d like also have virtua striker 3!
    i hope they will make an emulator!!!

  30. sonic adventure battle 2

  31. I hope the 3DS will have gamecube ports
    games i would play on 3DS if it was gamecube capadible is
    Super mario Sunshine, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Mario Party 7, Cars, Kirby Airride

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