Wii wriststraps: version 3.0


I just received the latest generation of wrist straps today. “Version 3.0” was silently released a few weeks ago, which has left die hard Wii Sports fans requesting an immediate shipment. The great new feature is the locking mechanism which grips the strap to prevent the slider from loosening. This helps greatly with physical input Wii games.

Nintendo is now packaging the new straps with their respective products. Getting the updated straps is free and easy. Just head over to Nintendo customer service, tell them that you want the new straps, and poof, you got’em.

Update: I’ve been getting a lot of emails due to ordering issues. Let me clarify the process. Since most of us ordered the version 2 straps via wrist strap replacement order form back in January, Nintendo won’t let you use that order form a second time. That’s why I provided the link above. It will send you directly to a customer service request, where you just write up a few lines asking for the latest straps. Within a few days, Nintendo will reply with your ordering needs. Simple. Shoot me an email if you are still having trouble understanding/ordering.