Wii remote covers incoming

Wii remote coversWhen checking the mail today I stumbled upon a small package from good o’l Redmond Washington. It’s always an exciting day when Nintendo sends you some more free anti-lawsuit material. Though that is the purpose of the new remote covers, they are also quite nice to use. Caion(Jason) gives us his full review…

First up was Wii Sports. Hitting balls with my with my racket has never felt so satisfying, and in my half-hour of moving my hand in repetitive jerking motions there was absolutely no trace of slippage. It felt quite good in my hand, with a satisfying texture to it (the Wii remote jacket
is ribbed for your pleasure)

Curious how this would affect the feel of a more advanced game, I popped in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I thrilled as I shot aliens with blasts from my big cannon, and pulled, twisted, and slowly inserted locking mechanisms into their gaping holes to throw open the doors blocking my furious advance. The space pirate on the other side trembled with fear as my missile had its way with it.

Overall I am very satisfied with this product. Playing with my Wii just got more comfortable. No longer do I need to hold it uncomfortably tight for fear that I may let it slip in my enthusiasm. It also makes the Wii-mote feel more comfortable for people with big hands (like myself). Kudos to Nintendo for their constant effort in ensuring that users of their console are safe while they’re having fun.

I totally agree. One bit to add…It also really helps when playing VC games. The fatter end allows you to grasp the remote more comfortably. Go place a free request here if you haven’t already ordered yourself a set.

What’s next for Wii remote safety?