Wii menu update 3.3


wiiglow.jpgBe sure to check for a blue glow, because it’s update time. Nintendo released Wii menu update 3.3 this evening for the US. Compared to previous updates, version 3.3 looks to fix internal bugs and issues.

Wii Menu 3.3

“With this update, you can now move a Mii from the Mii plaza to the Mii parade in the Mii Channel. To do this, simply pick up a Mii using the A and B buttons and then release it over the Mii Parade icon in the upper right corner of the screen.”

“Because unauthorized modifications to save files may impair game play or the Wii Console, updating to Wii Menu version 3.3 will also check for and automatically remove such save files.”

Does this cancel out recent homebrew breakthroughs? Update your Wii and give us a report.