Wii Bargain Bin – October edition

papermoney250This new monthly feature lists the past months cheap deals on all Wii hardware, software and accessories. All of the following information is compiled by our own forums administrator, Jake Barber! Expect to be provided with up to date bargain bin headlines. Just remember we have a lot of titles right around the corner so try not to exceed your gaming budget!


Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire $39.99
Blake said that it was worth your Fourty Americans, So why not pick it up?

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition $29.99-$19.99
Quite simply, at thirty bucks, this game is an offer you can’t refuse, Capiche? This is basicly the closest to a GTA game on the Wii… For now, that is. Some smart shoppers have even found some at twenty bucks. So keep on the look out.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution $19.99
From the PSP comes Mecury Meldown Revolution, the third in it’s series. At the unpeckable price of 20 bucks, this deserves a place in your Wii collection.

Rayman Raving Rabbids $29.99
A hilarious collection of crazy mini games that utilize the remote fairly well. Might want to wait for a $19.99 price.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition $29.99
It was one of the greatest games on the GameCube, but it has now been ported over. The controls, graphics, gameplay, and everything else is Top-Notch!

Rockstar’s Table Tennis $39.99
Yet another port in the Wii Library, this game will get you playing ping pong at a perfect price.

Victorious Boxers Revolution $39.99
This game seems pretty good. It just might be worth that extra cash…

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure $39.99
IGN: 9/10, Nintendo Power: 9/10, GameSpot 8.5 of 10, 1up 9 out of 10. Open wallet, withdraw forty dollars, exchange for game, put wallet away, remove disk, insert into Wii system.