What are you playing this weekend?


Another long week is coming to an end and you know what that means…games! Take a look at Derek’s top five Wiiware titles and download a few.

What are you playing this weekend?

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  1. deepthought says:

    LOTRO and law review competition! woo!

    also, i’m picking up a game for the summer now. i need my own copy of fallout3, so i thought i’d go that direction and play it all summer- but anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Joltman says:

    Punch-Out!! (Wii version)
    Yeah, it’s pretty fun playing it right now!

  3. gojiguy says:



    but yeah. King of Fighters 98, a little Brawl, some F-Zero GX maybe. And hopefully GGXXAC+ and Punch-Out!! once it’s out.

  4. InvisibleMan says:

    Definitely GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard… It’s a DS weekend for me!

    Although I might make some time to finally get going on Persona 4 on my neglected PS2…

  5. Jonkind says:

    Mass Effect and/or Beyond Good & Evil, maybe start Metal Gear Solid 4 and fill the gaps with Peggle and Rock Band with the wife.

  6. sterling1213 says:

    I am playing Super Paper Mario. It was one of the games I didn’t get to early on and now I am really glad I picked it up.

  7. argus says:

    I’ll be working on the last level of Bit.Trip Beat this weekend. It’s tough.

  8. bbelt says:

    Animal Crossing: City Folk. Ya, I’m pretty hardcore 😉

  9. Zero Stealth says:

    I r gon pleh mai HALO WARZ…but for some reason when I downloaded the mythic map pack 4 free (i has limited edition) the maps wouldn’t show up so WTF. Then I’ll play halo:ce. then GODFATHER (yeeeah ftw)

  10. LocoTank says:

    I’m actually done working for today so i’m starting my weekend early right now, so I’m in the mood for some chinatown wars. When I get bored of that I’ll be playing some fifa 09 on my playstation, and probably Pokemon platinum will get some of my free time this weekend.

  11. EthoSoccer says:

    I want to finish up RE5 and then dive straight into Deadly Creatures.

  12. Lite (on a Windows 7 beta!!) says:

    @ deepthought:

    Have you thought deeply about picking up The Conduit? If you haven’t, then it’s a real waste of a cool and educated username. I’m playing that and some CoD over the summer.

    This weekend, I’m still playing PokeMon Platinum, and doing a speed run through Metroid Fusion. My previous record was 100% in 4:43:07. Shooting for 100% in 3:30!!

  13. muffinman91 says:

    Mega Man 2- NES, rockin it old school 🙂

  14. srkelley says:

    I’m playing various DDR games and Okami.

  15. J_man86 says:

    I’m probly gunna be playing some God of War II (wince in fear that Reggi will strike me with lightning) and some other ps2 games I haven’t gotten around to playing yet.
    probly gunna play the DS a little bit too.

  16. Jamie says:

    I’ll be kick’n it old school playing Kung-Fu on the NES.

  17. doughboy74 says:

    Mirror’s Edge (PS3), LBP, among others… Mario Kart Wii (New tourney)…If only I could get on the top 10 list once!!! (I believe that many individuals out there, know how to glitch the system. Is anyone out there with me?)

  18. Jonkind says:

    No wait… the wife suddenly just bought Excite Bots. Out of the blue. Alright then, buckle up.

  19. Rabbitduck says:

    Rhythm Heaven… I never would have bought that game myself, but my mom got it for me for my birthday… actually pretty good for her. And the personal trainer cooking game! It’s pretty nifty!

    But I’ll probably mostly play TF2… my roommate got me hooked on it… gah, it’s soooooooo good…

  20. Verius says:

    gonna get some chrono trigger ds goin for the long weekend. hopefully ill get some decent hours on that game

  21. RoyalRook says:

    SSX 3, just picked it up for 3 bucks.

  22. David says:

    Peggle DS and Retro Game Challenge .. for the next week on a road trip!

    Gonna come back and get Punch-Out.

  23. deepthought says:

    @ lite

    yeah i have no interest in conduit. i’m thinking of buying a game now anyways- later summer purchases will be reconsidered later…

    ah well. but good luck with your speed run! let us know how you do!

  24. steve says:

    playing super mario land and donkey kong GB

  25. wideyedwanderer says:

    Hardball ’94 (for the Sega Genesis), Genghis Khan II (also for Genesis), and Space Station Silicon Valley (for N64.)

  26. I’m traveling so ill be playing a lot of DS and PSP i suppose.

  27. Petey05 says:

    Playing Turtles in Time(SNES) & Super Metriod(SNES).

  28. InvisibleMan says:

    As usual, my plans changed radically and ended up going to the Art Institute’s new Contemporary Art wing in Chicago with my girls… Then we just toured the downtown area, it was such a beautiful weekend outside!

  29. BlueRocks says:

    I played Pokemon Platinum when I was supposed to be watching the kids and Shining Force (Sega Genisis on the Virtual Console) after they were gone to bed.

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