What are you playing this week?

It’s no weekend but that doesn’t mean you can’t skip school, ditch work, or get your butt out of bed.

What are you playing this week?


  1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii of course!

  2. Animal Crossing: City Folk, Dragon Age Origins, and Zelda: Wind waker. Friday I hope to pick up the new SMB game. It looks tight.

  3. I hate video games, I’ll stick to your mom.


    NSMBW ftw!

  4. I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 since midnight release day, and have not gotten enough yet. Im very pleased.

    Im also playing back through Majora’s Mask. I might be the only one to say this out loud, but I always liked it a little better than Ocarina of Time.

  5. @ sharkfighter
    Technically that wasn’t out loud, and do you actually fight sharks? I’ve been duped in the past by fake shark fighters.

  6. Bowser’s Inside Story and NSMBWii. After this, I’ll be Mario’d out.

  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Lef for dead 2

  8. i just beated Modern Warfare 2 on PC yesterday, new Super Mario Bros Wii is next (i just bought it yesterday too)

  9. StarTropics. I think of it as the forgotten Zelda game, only here Link has a yo-yo instead of a sword. Easily one of the better games on the NES.

  10. I spent the last week playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon while I was travelling.

  11. Mario, The Beatles: Rock Band (new Sgt. Pepper DLC today) and Lego Rock Band. And probably more Rock Band 2. And every demo on the Nintendo shop.

  12. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and NSMBWii.
    Scribblenauts on the DS.

  13. If I don’t end up picking up Left4Dead2 or Modern Warfare2 or NSMBW… I’ll be tryuing to pollish off Beyond Good & Evil and/or Sam & Max for Wii.

  14. assassin’s creed 2 with some NSMBW

  15. Hugbox wins at life (that’s one of my favorite games)

    I’m playing study for exams and taking breaks to play attend class.

    Hopefully on the weekend I’ll grind through some more gta4 missions. theyre getting repetitive at this point and i may abandon them for more fallout3.

    i’ve got this bad urge to download the original castlevania and beat it also.

  16. New Super Mario Bros Wii, Gears Of War 2, Deadspace Extraction, and
    Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

  17. New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Astro Boy DS!

  18. I know it’s retro but I’ve been playing Dr. Mario like crazy.

    Waiting for the new Super Mario Brothers. *Checks UPS Tracking*

    Delivery today!


  19. The Conduit, WiiWare Demos, and hopefully NSMBWii starting today.

  20. Team Fortress 2 and Brawl
    Something about playing online multiplayer games that pit red against blue that is very attractive to me.


    I’m playing Diddy Kong Racing and Hybrid Heaven. Yup, I’ve gone retro.

  22. New Super Mario Bros. Wii and A Boy and His Blog…err…I mean Blob! 😉

  23. Just picked up NSMBW and it’s fantastic. Can’t wait to co-op with my wife tonight, and I mean in the game. 😉

  24. STunt Race DX. Obviously.

  25. I’ll be finishing Gun on GC, working out with Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort and playing some GH 5 here and there. A lot of work to do during this week so I’ll be mostly playing by working out.

    Now NEXT week will be Batman Arkham Asylum, Devil May Cry 4, Ratchet and Clank Future and New Super Mario Bros Wii since I’ll get a Slim PS3 on Saturday.

  26. Still trying to beat the second level on Bit trip beat, have gotten through Core though! Also the occasional Metroid Prime is a possibility

  27. Pokemon Rumble!! oh and those demos

  28. What do you honestly think, Jake?

    I have a sick day today so I’m gonna work on my English paper and then play a good chunk of NSMBW!!

  29. NSMBW of course! Still loving every minute of it. I’ve also suddenly rediscovered my love of platforming games and feel myself wanting to go back and play some (and some not so old) platformers like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Kirby, DK, Sonic, Jak and Daxter, etc. Platformers have always been my favorite genre, and NSMBW has ignited that fandom once more. I doubt I’ll be playing anything that isn’t a platformer between now and Christmas at least.

  30. Probably SSBB, Zelda Oot and maybe even some FFIV on DS. And don’t forget all the free WiiWare demos.

  31. I’m playing NSMB:Wii like the rest of Infendo. I also purchased Majora’s Mask a while ago and wasn’t able to play it, so I’m playing that this week too. Nintendo makes some great games!

  32. Left 4 Dead 2!!

  33. lol @ used


  34. CODMW2 and SuperMario Bros Wii !!!

    this is gaming heaven, really.

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