Top 5 developers who should be working on Nintendo consoles


3) Bethesda

Known games: The Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout 3


Action role playing games are a dime a dozen these days, but Bethesda Softworks turns your generic RPG into a masterpiece worth replaying years after release. Developing games since 1985, Bethesda has been around the block in the game industry. Having formed the unforgettable Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda believes in building worlds to not only interact with, but a game world that can change by the input of your actions. Their most recent release, Fallout 3, gobbled up game of the year 2008 awards.


Why should Bethesda develop software for Nintendo consoles?

Games developed around deep connections with in game characters, animals, and objects are a bit uncommon on our consoles. Mario, Metroid, and Pokémon don’t exactly emotionally bind you with the story. Bethesda is one of the few developers that could offer Nintendo fans that interaction.

Rumors, from the company itself, surrounding an unannounced Wii title have been circling since the beginning of 2009. Whether or not this is true is still unclear.