Top 5 developers who should be working on Nintendo consoles

4) Rare

Known games: Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Jet Force Gemini


Once being one of Nintendo’s top developers, Rare has had a tough time developing games under Microsoft’s wing. Rare’s Nintendo 64 titles were so well made that rival first party giants such as Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 were challenged in quality which we haven’t witnessed in years. When Microsoft acquired Rare from Nintendo in 2002, their games went into a downward spiral and have since then struggled to regain the quality they once possessed.


Why should Rare develop software for Nintendo consoles?

Rare is one of those developers who can 1up your newly released game. They take a look what consumers want and build it. Whether it’s the hilarious dialog of Banjo Kazooie, or the crude humor of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Rare dishes out games that define the “video game”.