Super Mario

Hacked Super Mario World levels appeal only to platformer masochists

If you want nine minutes of Super Mario World terror, frustration and controller-breaking challenge, watch this video. And what’s with getting only 21 stars at the end? Honestly.

Classic Commercials – Super Mario Land

[youtube][/youtube] Classic!

Classic Commercials – Doctor Mario

[youtube][/youtube] Witch Doctor Mario!? Ooooh Eeeeeeh Oh ah-AHHHHHHHHHH!

Mario Marathon is Over and Was a Big Success!

Mario Marathon, the epic gaming weekend of fund raising proportions is now over. In the end they raised over 11,142.50$ for Penny Arcade’s charity Child’s Play. The group of gamers Brian, John, and Dan completed Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and completed Super Mario Galaxy with a 120 stars in just und...

Update: Something to Think About…

Have you ever wondered if there was a deeper meaning to the games that we play? Maybe something that if we took a look from a different perspective we might see a little more into the world around us and walk away with a deeper understanding of our life. A game that has underlying tones that connects to every day life, and is something that everyone has played. Let’s just take Super Mario Br...

Nintendo Spotting: Crazy Awesome Nintendo Cake Edition

Of all the Nintendo themed desserts out there this one was just too cool to pass up. Be sure to click over and check out more pics of this Nintendo wedding. Thanks, jtman347!

How well do you know your Super Mario Bros. villains?

Bowser and Birdo? Goombas? Easy peezy lemon squeezy. How about the ones that don’t get recycled as pop culture references in blog post after blog post? Do you think you can tell them apart from obscure dinosaurs? Well ok, Mr. Fancy Pants. Get on over to Mental Floss’s latest quiz and find out for yourself. Then tell us how you did in the comments. I’m anticipating incredibly high...

Classic Commercials – Super Mario World

[youtube][/youtube] Times have changed…